Pomonte  beach

The shipwreck at Pomonte

Pomonte: not far from Marina di Campo is a diver’s dream place: the Elviscot, the ship that sank off the coast in 1972 due to a violent storm at sea. The dive starts from the Ogliera cliff opposite Pomonte; just to the south-east of the cliff lies the mysterious shipwreck of the Elviscot, which lies on the seabed 12 metres deep. This dive is suitable for divers of all abilities. Boats can drop anchor just south of the cliff for brief periods, paying attention to the numerous small rocks. Dominant NW and SE winds mean this spot rarely has a calm sea, but a short stop to see the shipwreck is definitely worthwhile. Foto: Erik Henchoz

Tip: don’t swim close to the shipwreck without a clearly flagged float - but taking the tender is by far the more sensible option: unfortunately, some boats approach the shipwreck at top speed without watching out for swimmers.