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Born from a profound love for the sea and years of experience in the maritime field, ItalyCharter's mission is to fulfill the needs of enthusiasts seeking reliable boats and personalized, attentive customer service. We aim to help you achieve the boat vacation you dream of!

We are a brokerage firm based in Italy, a destination we know very well, and we offer a wide portfolio of solutions: a whopping 15,000 options including sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, and luxury yachts (both bareboat and crewed) in some of the world's most captivating cruise destinations, such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean. Customers can find solutions for every budget and can rely on the dedication and expertise (both in maritime and tourism fields) of our staff. We are sailors and boat owners, and we have often been customers in search of the right boat for ourselves. Therefore, we understand the needs of those who want to spend a delightful vacation sailing among charming islands, picturesque villages, stunning beaches, and crystal-clear waters. We can provide great advice on the destinations best suited for the customer, because we too are seasoned travelers.

We offer the advantage of being a small, "human-sized" structure, and we bring top-level professionalism to take care of the customer at every stage: from choosing the boat to boarding, and we follow them step by step even during the cruise. Choosing a maritime mediator like ItalyCharter means being able to rely on a reliable and empathetic consultant, a competent guide to navigate through the myriad of options. We are "problem solvers" and we are committed to offering boats selected from the most reliable boat owners. Additionally, we are able to see things from all angles. We understand perfectly well the issues people may encounter on board, both regarding the weather and regarding the boat's equipment. For us, every customer is important and unique.

Price is not the only criterion for choosing a boat. Even though the customer does not pay any commission to us, they have the great advantage of relying on a team of experts who help them choose the right boat for their dream vacation.


Francesca ItalyCharter

Francesca Bedeschi

Architect, seasoned traveler, and experienced sailor, she takes pride in her Romagna origins and her adopted city, Florence, where she studied. She has been sailing since she was four years old: back then, she was already helping her mother with boat maneuvers. As she grew up a bit more, she attended sailing courses and obtained her boating license.

She founded ItalyCharter and designed the structure of the website to be as user-friendly as possible. "I love traveling by boat because it's eco-friendly and convenient: you provision, cast off the lines, and you always have everything with you. You don't have to constantly pack and unpack. You can reach deserted beaches even in peak season. On a boat, you're free, you're truly on vacation."

Always smiling and inseparable from her adorable Australian Shepherds Blue and Luna, both certified rescue dogs with Sics, Francesca spends many months a year sailing and doing remote working from her beloved s/y Nuvola.

Susanna Leone

The vibrant "booking queen" will charm you with her friendliness.

Born in Marina di Massa and raised in Versilia, she had a deep-seated passion for the sea from a very young age (which she adores in all seasons) and often sailed with her uncles.

Setting aside her background in biology, after meeting Francesca in a bar in Florence (both holding tourist guides: one for Costa Rica, the other for the Caribbean), she joined the ItalyCharter team and sailed along the Italian coasts for twenty years. "I love Sicily so much, and in Tuscany, we even know the crabs by name!". To relax, she enjoys paddleboarding and swimming.

She is the first person to interact with the customer, trying to understand their desires to find them the best quality/price option. The most important thing for Susy is that the boat is safe and that the customer can enjoy their vacation in peace.

Susanna ItalyCharter
Federico ItalyCharter

Federico Ponchio

A Mathematics graduate from the Normale di Pisa, our computer wizard is a man of few (very few!) words and many actions.

Although not born by the sea, but in the beautiful city of Vicenza, famous for its elegant Palladian architecture, he is fueled by a great passion for boats.

With "The Boss," he has also been involved in the management and maintenance of the fleet of +39 Charter, a sister company of ItalyCharter, and has sailed extensively throughout the Mediterranean. His favorite destination, however, is Sicily.

He takes care of the company's IT sector, ensuring that everything runs perfectly.

The renowned nautical charts ofNavionics, Sonar Charts, or Sonar Charts Live largely rely on his expertise.

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