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  Sailing cruise Sain Martin

Why choose the Saint Martin sailing boat rental, from all the Caribbean islands? The two-faced island is famous for its numerous long sandy, white and golden beaches and an enviable nightlife.Despite its small size (roughly like Pantelleria), St. Martin is divided between two sovereign states: the French part to the north , with the capital Marigot and the Dutch part (Sint Maarten, included in the department of the Antilles) to the south, with the capital Philipsburg. Legend has it that the two colonizing nations decided to divide the island with the soldiers' method: starting from the center in opposite directions they would have obtained all the territory they had managed to walk. Except that the two soldiers were obviously drunk, the French of red wine and the Dutch of jeneveer, much more alcoholic. The latter therefore managed to travel less space before falling intoxicated and this explains why the French area is larger. The beaches cover the entire perimeter: if those on the ocean side are exposed to winds and therefore the sea is often rough, those on the western and southern coasts are typically tropical, with little breeze, calm and crystalline sea. The sailing holiday in St. Martin therefore has two sides: fun and relaxation. The nightlife of the Dutch part is remarkable: clubs, clubs, casinos, immersed in the Caribbean landscape, alternate with large luxury tourist resorts. Shopping is convenient, especially for duty free jewelry and rum. The French area, on the other hand, is more relaxed and perhaps authentic: villages and towns with typical Creole restaurants, local craft shops and there are also several nudist beaches. The arrival at Princess Juliana airport (the Dutch one, as there is also the French one) in the south of the island is unique: the runway is attached to the sea and the landing aircraft almost touch the facing Maho Beach in dismay. of bathers!
Saint Martin charters offer catamarans and sailing boats, both in bareboat formula and with local skipper who will be able to lead you safely and let you discover the secrets of this island and its neighboring ones. You can circumnavigate the island to discover enchanting corners, and there are many of them. How can we forget the quiet Little Bay surrounded by nature where we can see tropical birds, or the windy Galion, suitable for surfing. Orient Bay is called the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean, while Anse de Peres is full of restaurants, luxurious cocktail bars and it is not difficult to meet some music or TV stars. But you can also choose St. Martin sailboat rental to sail free on tropical seas pushed by the warm trade winds and reach other beautiful islands in the area. Anguilla is practically facing north, Saint Barthelemy is approximately 15 miles to the southeast The first is an island with a narrow and elongated shape, from which the fish inspiration for the name comes. It is sparsely inhabited compared to St.VMartin, and in the villages you can breathe the authentic culture of the Caribbean: the architecture, the handicrafts, the Creole cuisine. A curiosity: it is the official residence of Corto Maltese of comics. From here you can explore the coasts of the island and navigate around the other islands and rocks of the archipelago. Finally St. Barthelemy (often abbreviated to St. Barts). French island of elite tourism, with several exceptional bays.