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  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: the Top of the Caribbean by Catamaran

If you choose to go to the Caribbean, here are the many reasons to choose St. Vincent Grenadines catamaran holidays. The archipelago-state of St. Vincent and Grenadines extends in the southern part of the Lesser Antilles and consists of the main island St. Vincent in the north and a row of 32 islands of which only seven are permanently inhabited while another handful host luxury resort. The largest was discovered by Columbus in 1498 who baptized it San Vincenzo by the saint of the day of the sighting. A British colony for the following centuries, except for brief periods under the French crown, it acquired complete autonomy only in 1979. The favorable climate almost all year round except for the rainy season, the warm trade winds that favor navigation, the pristine beauty of the places, make it a luxury destination for sailing lovers and VIPs. The island of Mustique is home to super villas with parks where Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Raquel Welch have lived among others. The starting point of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines boat and catamaran rental is the beautiful Blue Lagoon marina, not far from the capital Kingstown. From here it is possible to circumnavigate the island, which offers several anchor points in sheltered bays and then sail south to the other beautiful islands. St. Vincent is an island of volcanic origin, very green and with high coasts that have small bays where you can anchor. If Mustique is the most sophisticated island, Bequia is the most characteristic of the Grenadines: long white beaches fringed with palm trees, bars, restaurants, a lively nightlife. Here you will find a lot of local handicrafts from the processing of typical products: bamboo, palm leaves, coconuts, transformed to become bags, hats, tools, knick-knacks. The painted decoration of whalebones and ivory is also typical. The culture of the Grenadines has been handed down for generations and preserves tradition: music, colorful festivals especially for carnival, Creole cuisine. The table is an explosion of flavors and colors: bul jol (based on fish and the fruit of the breadfruit), crustaceans, tropical fruits that seem straight out of a fantasy film. The St. Vincent and the Grenadines catamaran holiday cannot be separated from another emblematic destination: the Tobago Cays. There are 5 flat islets sheltered from the sea by the coral reef. Today a protected reserve, they can be visited with the necessary limitations to respect the environment. The kaleidoscope of the water takes on unthinkable colors, the transparency of the water invites us to a symbiosis with it. Great swimming, reef snorkeling and then a nice lobster for dinner. Still, Mayreau with the beautiful Whistle Salt Bay, the island of Caoun and Union Island, where the Clifton Harbor marina welcomes you to moor to stop, refresh yourself after the long catamaran sailing. You can discover the various catamaran rental offers from St. Vincent or Union Island, in our section of the ItalyCharter Caribbean website, or contact us directly, our consultants will be happy to give you all the information to build a dream vacation in the Grenadines.

  Catamaran in the Grenadines

Catamaran holidays in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are a paradise for any sea lover. Through kaleidoscopic colored waters, uncontaminated islands, exclusive bays and exciting sailing trips pushed by the warm trade winds, you will discover a corner of the world far from mass tourism, which combines natural beauty with centuries-old cultural traditions. The departure marina for the Grenadine archipelago catamarans is Blue Lagoon, not far from the capital of St. Vincent, Kingstown. The island, oval and compact, extends for 29 km in length by 18 and is dominated by the volcanic massif of La Soufriére (1200m) surrounded by lush green vegetation. The volcano, closely monitored, is still active, and had the last eruption in 1979. However, the most disastrous occurred in 1902 (curiously a few hours before the eruption of the other restless volcano of Martinique) when it caused destruction and many deaths. almost exclusively belonging to the local population, the Caribs Saint Vincent offers a wide range of navigation possibilities to discover suggestive and safe bays, especially on the better sheltered west coast. We start from Blue Lagoon, the favorite of sailors to anchor and visit the overlooking Young Island. After Kingstown Bay, towards the northwest we meet the tiny Petit Bayhout with the Bat Cave and Buccament Bay, with a coastal village at the end of one of the few valleys of this otherwise high and rocky island. Then we anchor in Wallilabou, with a coastal village and waterfalls: some scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp were shot here! Going up the coast you arrive at the enchanting Cumberland Bay. The tiny cove is surrounded by high rock faces and more on coconut palms and banana trees; it is not difficult to meet schools of tuna jumping out of the water! Finally Chateaubelair, at the foot of the volcano, perhaps the calmest and most unspoiled place to anchor. A great restaurant on the bay, overlooking the crater and if you are lucky, an encounter with sea turtles. But the Grenadine yacht holiday offers much more: then head on to the magnificent islands of the archipelago. Canouan, boomerang-shaped that has two very large bays, one to the north and one to the south, to be chosen according to the wind, Friendship Bay, to the south, is bordered by the reef and its colors are heavenly. Mayreau, where in Windward Bay there is a very long white beach and the nearby Tobago Cays, 5 flat islands immersed in a very calm sea suitable for the whole family and children. And then continuing the unforgettable Grenadines catamaran cruise we have Palm Island, an unmissable destination for sailors, and Union Island which has the well-equipped marina of Clifton Harbor, where to moor, refuel and get useful things in case of need.

  Cruise to the Grenadines in a crewed Catamaran

The top of the range of our proposals is the cruise to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on a catamaran with a full crew. If you choose a complete catamaran charter, you have the opportunity to navigate to unforgettable places, aboard a prestigious luxury multihull, with 4 or 6 cabins, for a dream vacation. Nothing is left to chance: the Grenadines catamaran holiday begins at the Blue Lagoon marina, near the capital of St. Vincent Kingstown. Here our charters have a range of 18 catamarans, from Bali to Lagoon to Foutain Pajot. Local operators will welcome you and you will be embarked together with a professional crew consisting of captain, hostess and cook. The catamarans are all new and equipped with services for maximum comfort: air conditioning, ice machine, TV, etc. The cruise is suitable for groups of friends, families with children, couples, being an area with calm sea and constant wind. The routes through the archipelago are varied: the lush St. Vincent, Bequia, Mayreau and the Tobago Cays. The exclusive Mustique, Canoun, Palm Island, Union Island. On the latter island, the Clifton Harbor marina can serve as an alternative home base to Blue Lagoon. The crewed cruise is for those who want to enjoy the maximum comfort without any concern for the command of the catamaran. On board you will be the most respected guests, the hostesses will serve you cocktails and drinks, the cook will prepare aperitifs and dinners using local and fresh products, do not be surprised to find a freshly caught tuna tartare or a lobster with rum! And then many water activities in an incomparable setting: swimming and snorkeling in the reef, kayaking, deep sea fishing. During the stops, visits to villages, shopping for local crafts, for those who want to walk in the tropical forest or trekking to the volcano. Visit our website to choose the Grenadine catamaran that best suits your needs or maybe call us for valuable advice!