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  Grenada Catamaran Charter

Grenada, called the spice island is one of the favorite destinations for a Caribbean catamaran cruise. Uncontaminated nature and sea, Caribbean colors and flavors, ideal climate and lots of sun, ideal starting point for visiting the Grenadines islands. The conformation of the island, with a well protected port-capital (St. Georges) and the presence of a very jagged coast to the south, allow safe navigation and the possibility of mooring or anchoring in unforgettable places. The departure takes place in St. Georges, the capital of this small state that gained independence in 1974 by freeing itself from British domination. The official language is English, although Creole-English is commonly spoken.
Our Granada charter operators, some of them Italians with long experience, will welcome you to the marina with warmth and professionalism. A dozen catamarans from the best shipyards are available, from Lagoon, Bali and Fountain Pajot, from 38 to 52 feet, all new or recently built, ready to sail the Caribbean on a perfect cruise. The cabins from 4 to 6 offer maximum comfort and many catamarans are equipped with additional services: ice machine, air conditioning, wi-fi, TV. You can choose the bareboat catamaran, with skipper, or luxury. In this option you will have the complete crew at your disposal: professional skipper, hostess (1 or two depending on the number of passengers) and even a chef who will cook fresh local products. Ready for an aperitif while you are at anchor in a tropical harbor? And then a dinner based on freshly caught yellow fin tuna tartare?
But let's take a closer look at the beauties and the activities to do in this extraordinary place on our planet. Let's start with the small capital which is worth a visit. It develops around the horseshoe-shaped port and its narrow streets rise up to the green hills. To see the National Museum, three fortresses that are a legacy of the French and English dominations. And then a lot of life and color, in a context of friendliness and hospitality. Locals love music and parties, not only during the exuberant carnival: there are many festivals and events that take place throughout the year. The market is another emblematic place where sight and taste are filled with emotions: freshly caught fish (large marlin, tuna, lobster) and mountains of spices (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves). And then the bananas, the coconut, the amount of tropical fruits unknown to us ... The Grenada catamaran cruise starts from here, and then moves to the south, the jagged coast bordered by numerous inlets. Here, True Blue, Prickly Bay, Clarkes Court, Mt Hartman Bay, St. David Harbor, one behind the other. Each one to discover, choose the protected anchor point or moor at the numerous marinas. The bays often have reefs for snorkeling and diving, and the marinas offer dinghy rentals if you want to experience the thrill of speed in a small drift.
If you choose catamaran in Grenada you will want to sail a lot, and you are in the right place. From the south coast you can follow the rugged coasts towards the north, much less touristy and man-made (although some delightful villages dot the coast). Then, continue north, St. Vincent route, to stop and visit the Grenadines Islands. Carriacou, Union Island, Diamond Island, Canouan, Mustique ... and many more. The exoticness of their names equals beauty. You will be in pleasant, exclusive places, in a variety of attractions: white beaches, but also sophisticated resorts, picturesque seaside villages or deserted bays. You can even reach St. Vincent, the largest island of the archipelago at the north end of it, and then return to Grenada.
But a vacation here offers so much more. Grenada is not just sailing in beautiful seas, but a series of side activities that enrich your holiday. Water sports first and foremost: for diving enthusiasts Bose Reef and Dragon Bay offer suggestive seascapes, with underwater walls and visits to wrecks. For those who like fishing, we organize excursions by equipped boat (but the catamarans themselves have professional equipment), for deep sea fishing. Then the excursions in the interior: guided tours are organized (on foot, by mountain bike or by jeep) to visit the beautiful and sometimes impervious hinterland, dominated by the volcano that has created a green and luxuriant vegetation. A special trek reaches the top of Mount QuaQua, through streams that create suggestive waterfalls and rainforests, to the summit from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. Nature, sport, relaxation, shopping, art, cuisine, folklore: the Grenada catamaran holiday will be an experience that will remain indelible.