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  Mauritius Catamaran Cruise

Luxury and comfort are the prerogatives of a catamaran cruise in Mauritius, in one of the most beautiful marine places on the planet. In reality we should decline it in the singular, the island (or Republic of) Mauritius, as the archipelago formed by three other islets quite distant from it is called the Mascarene Islands. It is an island with spectacular vegetation and coasts: the volcanic origin and the abundance of water in the interior, combined with constant rainfall throughout the year, have allowed the development of a lush and colorful flora, with many species of plants and endemic flowers. The weather is mild for 12 months, with almost constant temperatures at sea and in the air. However, it is advisable to go there between April and November (inclusive), to avoid the possibility of typhoons in the wet season. A catamaran holiday in Mauritius means sailing along the 330 km of coasts, stopping in beautiful bays surrounded by palm trees and swimming in a sea that varies its shades from turquoise to emerald, discovering white beaches, snorkeling at the coral reef. Mauritius is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 550 km east of Madagascar and is an island about one seventh of Sardinia, with a population of 1.3 million inhabitants and gained independence from Great Britain in 1968. Today both English and French are spoken, as the transalpines held the colony for more than a century before the British. You arrive at the airport of the capital Port Louise with a flight that varies from 15 to 24 hours (since there are no direct routes from Italy, it depends on the time of the stop); the main lines are British, Air France, Turkish Airlines and Emirates. Our professional and welcoming charter operator in the marina of the capital Port Louise offers two models of Lagoon catamaran, a 440 and a 620. The formula we offer is that of maximum comfort for customers who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the places without have control worries: the Mauritius charter in fact provides for the presence of skipper and hostess, for the highest quality service. Get ready for cocktails, lunches, aperitifs and maybe a barbecue on the beach with freshly caught fish! The two models both have 4 cabins each with private bathroom, but the second has much more space and is a new concept, equipped with air conditioning, heating, freezer and inverter. Furthermore, there are countless activities that you can do on board, at anchor or during stops on the island: deep sea fishing, kayaking, SUP, water skiing, diving, mountain biking. Mauritius offers some of the most beautiful underwater sceneries in the world, for diving lovers or simply swimming with a mask and snorkel. There are some areas where it is possible to meet giant tortoises and manta rays, not to mention the multicolored variety of fish fauna. Beaches, sea, coasts, but also shore excursions will be exciting, both the naturalistic ones (the National Park allows a wonderful trek through valleys, forests and streams), and those towns, with an articulated culture that has developed over the centuries and that has mixed languages ​​and ethnicities. The particular architecture, the charm of the fish and spice markets, the music, the cuisine with pungent flavors are some suggestions that you can find in a Mauritius catamaran holiday. And, the icing on the cake, you can visit the other important island in the area, Réunion (Reunion, French overseas department) which is about 200 km away, by ferry or by a short flight. The Mauritius catamaran charter will offer you a condensation of emotions: on the ItalyCharter website you will find all the specific information on the models and their prices.