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  Sailboat charter Liguria | Boat itineraries

Liguria is one of the Italian regions most loved by boaters: a long strip of coast leaning against the hills, the beauty of the landscapes and the suggestion of small ports and villages with characteristic colored houses. A clear sea with many bays and coves and the presence of many marinas at a short distance where you can moor in case of need. The long maritime tradition that offers you the best for your holiday: from sailing boats with skipper or bareboat, to luxury yacht charter


The Riviera di Levante extends east of Genoa to the border with Tuscany. Starting from this side, the first interesting marina and the first interesting marina as a base is the boat rental Bocca di Magra . You can find on the website multiple options of the best charters in a port equipped for boaters which is located exactly at the mouth of the Magra river. From here in the direction of Genoa, you will cross Punta Corvo to find the village of Tellaro (you can anchor in front, sea permitting) and a series of tiny and sheltered coves surrounded by high rocky coasts: Cala Fiascherino, Mezzana, Eco del Mare. Dominated by the castle overlooking the sea, you arrive shortly in Lerici, where you can moor and visit the suggestive fishing village.


We are less than a mile from the magical Gulf of Poets : a narrow harbor entrance protected by an imposing breakwater and in the background the city of La Spezia. It is an excellent starting point for the Liguria sailboat rental , with its 3 main equipped marinas within the gulf: Fezzano in the west, halfway between the capital and Portovenere, Porto Mirabello , practically in the city and finally the new and luxurious Porto Lotti on the east side. La Spezia is certainly worth a visit: a pedestrian center with colorful houses, a taste of the Ligurian focaccia, farinata or many fish specialties and the two beautiful museums (the Navale Militare and the Amedeo Lia for lovers of medieval and Renaissance art). The Gulf is known above all for the charm of Portovenere: mooring at the tiny harbor (very crowded in summer) or in Pontile Ignazio your expectations will not be disappointed. The village is of a magic difficult to express; you can go up to the ancient village, the castle and the Gothic church of San Pietro, perched on the tip of the promontory. It is not surprising that Lord Byron was fascinated by these places to the point of staying there and taking long swims (the sea cave below the church was named after the great romantic poet). In front of Portovenere the Palmaria islet , reachable only by sea, anchoring in front or by taxi-boat from the village: an amazing panorama and an excellent restaurant will await you.


Continuing the cruise by boat to Genoa, after a few miles we will find the famous Cinque Terre : from east to west Monterosso , Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola and Rio Maggiore . The beauty that can be enjoyed from the sea is undoubted, while for mooring it is a bit more complicated, being inside a National Park. In the summer months the five villages are very crowded; buoys exist but it is good to inquire with the local authority for their use. Alternatively, moor in La Spezia and take a comfortable train that reaches each of the five villages. We continue sailing towards Genoa: we find the bays of Levanto , Bonassola and Moneglia with small harbors where, however, to stop only at anchor. The next center of some importance is Sestri Levante , with a nice marina where to repair in case of need and then Lavagna and Chiavari , towns of a certain size that can also act as a starting point.

A few miles from here lies another pearl of the Ligurian coast, the Gulf of Tigullio with Rapallo , Santa Margherita and the famous promontory of Portofino . Rapallo is the main center, with a beautiful equipped port to moor and a town for shopping and tasting Ligurian cuisine. Passing through the elegant Santa Margherita, equipped with a small harbor, you reach Portofino, on the southern tip of the promontory. Known worldwide, for its suggestive frame of tall colored terraced houses around the small port. Synonymous with glamor, boutiques and high-level restaurants, it is immersed in a protected park and the number of moorings for transit is very small. With your sailboat, however, you can anchor in the Paraggi bays that are close to Portofino. Doubled the point in an easterly direction, the regional natural park extends, with suggestive coves where to repair like that of San Fruttuoso. A few miles separate us from the skyline view of the Genoa skyline.

Genoa is the watershed between Riviera di Ponente and that of Levante: it is not only a metropolis that extends for 8 miles along the coast but a fascinating city from which to make a base for your sailing boat rental Liguria Genoa . It has many ports and marinas: the central Pier of Porto Vecchio and Porto Antico, the two adjacent Porto Duca degli Abruzzi and Marina Fiera and finally the Port of Sestri Ponente further east. Genoa is worth at least one day of visit: a combination of modern and ancient, the technology of the port and infrastructure and the age-old charm of the old alleys immersed in the largest medieval center in Europe. We visit here the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the museums of Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco. Near the port, the famous Aquarium, one of the most important on the continent. With the sailboat rental of the best charter operators, you can reach the destinations of the Riviera di Levante or, with a longer navigation, the places of the Riviera dei Fiori in Ponente.

Riviera di Ponente. The most interesting area is the Riviera dei Fiori , which extends from Cervo to Ventimiglia , on the French border and includes the famous Sanremo, spectacular especially in spring during flowering. A coast where rock, headlands and many beaches alternate, especially in tourist centers. The main towns are elegant towns, with promenade, restaurant and shops and equipped with equipped marinas. By sailboat the best option is to start from the Imperia marina with an eastbound route to Sanremo. Alternatively, you can reach the Riviera delle Palme with a short navigation which includes Varazze, Albenga and Alassio.

  Sailing boat charter Liguria Bases of departure

Renting a sailing boat in Liguria is very simple, there are hundreds of options available from the various charter operators. The Riviera di Levante above all has many equipped marinas: from the east Bocca di Magra, La Spezia, Marina del Fezzano and Portovenere itself. These starting points are ideal for visiting the Gulf of Poets, the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Tigullio, both for a week-long vacation and as a day-charter. The same destinations can be reached from the two major ports closest to the city of Lanterna, namely Lavagna and Chiavari. Genoa itself can act as a base for sailing, with its many boat rental options, also considering that it has an international airport and is an important railway hub. The marinas of Genoa are in the Molo Vecchio (Porto Antico and the homonymous pier), in the Fiera district (Marina Fiera and Porto Duca degli Abruzzi) and in Sestri Ponente. From them you can easily reach and visit the Riviera di Levante in a week of sailing and then return, while the distance to the Riviera dei Fiori to the west is greater. In case you want to sail on a sailing boat along the Riviera di Levante (Riviera delle Palme, Riviera dei Fiori and maybe make an episode across the border and Montecarlo), the recommended starting point is Imperia.

  One way sailing charter Liguria

A sailing holiday is an exciting experience and even more so if we can always visit different places. This is possible in the one-way formula, that is the arrival base different from the departure one. Genoa forms the pivot of the route, being roughly in the middle of the Ligurian coast. The ideal is a sailing holiday from the city of Lanterna to Bocca di Magra or La Spezia, on the eastern edge of the region (or vice versa). In this way there is the possibility to visit and stop in the most beautiful places of the Riviera di Levante. One way is also possible for the Riviera di Ponente: in this case the two bases are Imperia and Genova. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and any tailor-made paths.

  Sailing Liguria Clubs and Sailing School

Have you thought about combining your holiday at sea with a sailing school? Liguria has an important sailing tradition and there are many recognized schools. Our operators offer the possibility to attend a sailing course both on land and directly on the boat while you are sailing. You can choose the level and intensity, and each formula has a federal instructor and a division between theory and practice modules on board. You will learn (or develop, if you are already an expert) mooring and unmooring, anchoring, various gaits, safety issues and offshore sailing, among other things.

  Sailing charter Liguria: types of cruises

Sailboat in Liguria for an exciting holiday: beautiful sea with many marinas and small ports equipped for boaters, exceptional natural heritage, villages and villages with a long marine tradition, excellent gastronomy. The sailing holiday of a week, ten days and even two weeks is a sea party for the couple, friends and family. You can rent a boat with the bareboat formula all for you, or with a professional skipper or if you prefer with the entire crew and hostess at your service. If you prefer to share the trip with other sailing lovers, we offer the cabin-charter service for you: you can rent the cabin for one or two people with significant savings in money and responsibility. We also offer shorter navigation formulas such as weekends at sea or day-charter, that is, day trips. Thanks to the conformation of Liguria, you can visit a variety of enchanting places in both options of your choice: the Gulf of Poets, Portovenere, Cinque Terre, Portofino. An excellent formula for an agile and exciting journey, perhaps with the Aperitif at Sunset formula after a nice swim in the cove with the boat at anchor. We still offer holidays tailored to your needs: bachelorette party for friends, romantic honeymoon or team builging for companies. Do not hesitate to contact our operators to find out about these and other possibilities.