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  Ponza Catamaran Charter: nature and history

The Ponziane archipelago is an ideal destination for a catamaran holiday as it will appreciate the beauty of a natural landscape and an almost untouched sea. Ponza is the main island, with an elongated shape, with a lively city and an uninterrupted series of bays to discover, to the delight of lovers of nature, swimming, diving and collateral activities. The catamaran undoubtedly offers many more alternatives than the boat: the space allows passengers more comfort and to transport various equipment, such as kayaks, diving equipment, Sup and many other things that you will discover. The town of Ponza has a remarkable port built in the Bourbon era. For those who want to go down to visit the village, without mooring in the port, we recommend anchoring to the bay of Frontone, from where a taxi-boat service will take you to the center with a few euros. The island has many pleasant places linked to historical events, starting from the legend that wants the name of Pontius Pilate to be derived from the exile of the Roman politician on the island. A short distance from the south opens the fantastic bay of the Faraglioni della Madonna with the caves of Pilato. Going up the coast with a north route you will meet the magical Chiaia Luna, crowned by a high curtain of tuff rocks. Disembarkation is forbidden but it can be easily anchored even at a distance thanks to the gently degrading bottom. Then we meet the vast Bay of Lucia Rosa, with multiple colors: white of the stacks and red of the rocks, the green of the algae, the emerald of the sea. According to tradition, the name derives from the homonymous woman who, seeing her family refuse to marry her beloved, a local farmer, threw herself from the top of the cliff. Continuing the navigation you will find other suggestive bays, always sheltered from the winds even if they blow from the west. But before dubbing the cape it is preferable to head west to visit Palmarola. The third island of the Archipelago after Ponza and Ventotene is a pearl of the Mediterranean. It has no ports, but a succession of coves, stacks, cliffs and dream beaches. Arriving from the south, Cala Brigantina welcomes us: the Pirate Bay, where our imagination runs along adventurous and dangerous eras. Then Cala San Silverio and Cala del Porto, ideal anchors to go ashore and maybe stop in the summer on the beach restaurant. And on the northern tip, the unforgettable Cathedral, a rock wall that falls steeply into the sea. You can anchor nearby, sheltered from the winds, for one of the most emblematic places of the archipelago. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the various catamaran offers, choose the model, capacity, starting point!