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  Guadeloupe Catamaran | Destinations and excursions

A Guadeloupe catamaran charter is synonymous with natural beauty, crystal clear sea navigable at trade winds, possibility to reach many other islands of the Lesser Antilles. A dream vacation, departing from the marina of Bas du Fort. The marina is a few kilometers from the main city of Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre and its airport. It is one of the best ports in the area, modern and with many berths, equipped with all comforts and shops, and very sheltered in a unique natural setting. Our Guadeloupe charters will welcome you with warmth and professionalism to provide you with the chosen catamaran. The range offered is extremely varied: more than 80 boats from the best builders including Bali, Lagoon and Fountain Pajot. New and overhauled catamarans, with luxury outfitting, between 4 and 8 cabins to offer maximum comfort to you, your friends and your families. You can choose the bareboat formula or with skipper. However, the top of the range is the luxury catamaran Guadeloupe, in which the professional skipper is joined by a sailor on board, one or two hostesses, and the cook. You will not have to worry about anything, just enjoy the natural beauty and the services offered. Think of a nice swim in a lonely bay surrounded by mangroves, then have a cocktail on the deck and maybe a barbecue on the golden beach with a freshly caught marlin. The Guadeloupe catamaran cruise thus begins from Bas du Fort to reach Illet à Gosier a few miles east. It is a picturesque islet overlooking the village of the same name, partially surrounded by the reef, with a suggestive lighthouse on the top. Continuing, we meet Saint François, a small port in the center of a bay with turquoise waters where you can anchor. The landscape is unforgettable, it is not by chance that the best resorts in Guadeloupe are concentrated in this area. A few miles away is the splendid resort of St. Anne, with its palm trees and postcard beaches and finally the rocky promontory of Pointe-de-Chateaux. You can round the promontory to explore the north of the island: this area is flat and lush, with crops of sugar cane, tobacco, bananas and countless tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, guava, tamarind. A very colorful nature also thanks to the plants: bougainvillea, orchids, hibiscus, plants that are in bloom cyclically thanks to the tropical climate. You reach the western area, which is actually a real island of volcanic origin separated from the previous one, flat and of calcareous origin, by a narrow channel 200 meters. The landscape changes: very green and mountainous (the highest peak is almost 1550m), whose coastal profile forms an oval with few inlets. Here not to be missed are Deshaies, the picturesque bay around the fishing village, with a very rich botanical garden on its slopes. On the west coast, Pidgeon Island, with its Cousteau underwater park, is worth a stop for diving enthusiasts. The seabed is rich and colorful, with the presence of fauna, flora and some wrecks. But Guadeloupe is also a unique hinterland: if you like trekking, the National Park is a must, where you can enjoy the intact nature of the rainforest, mangroves and giant bamboos, the Carbet waterfalls (there are three of which the largest has a jump of 120m ), up to the summit of the La Soufrière volcano. And then the local culture: the markets of Pointe-à-Pitre, the colors and flavors of Creole cuisine, music, festivals. A Guadeloupe catamaran charter is all this and much more, with the possibility of exploring the other three islands of the archipelago, Desirade, Galante, and Îles des Saintes and continuing the cruise to other beautiful destinations in the Lesser Antilles, which are a short distance away. navigation. Choose the catamaran for Guadeloupe and Lesser Antilles on our website, or contact us for an ad-hoc consultation!