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  catamaran cruise to the caribbean

Italy charter offers a remarkable range of alternatives for a wonderful Caribbean catamaran cruise. But why choose a Caribbean catamaran charter? We give you some indications especially for those who rent it for the first time. First of all for the space: with the same length, the catamaran, having two hulls, can accommodate more people in comfortable cabins (normally from 3 to 6) larger than the boat. The additional space on deck allows for a comfortable living area, for meals and relaxation, with a large bright dinette and the net that joins the two hulls can be used to lie down and sunbathe. The dimensions also allow the skipper and any hostess to stay separately, guaranteeing customers considerable privacy. In terms of comfort in navigation, the catamaran has a different behavior from the boat: the roll is almost absent and in load-bearing wind conditions the pace is very smooth, making it ideal for the Caribbean trade winds. The Caribbean catamaran charter therefore allows the comfortable and safe visit of fantastic places: practically in every island-state there are dozens of options, from Cuba to the Dominican Republic, from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands, from Antigua to Barbuda, from Martinique to Grenada. Caribbean catamaran, Caribbean sailing charter, Caribbean yacht: all models. The boats are in excellent condition, new and overhauled, of the best existing models, Lagoon, Bali, Fountain Pajot and many more. The catamaran can be rented bareboat, with skipper or a luxury package with the whole crew complete with professional hostesses and cook. On our site you will find hundreds of proposals for the Caribbean in catamaran that you can select by manufacturer, model, number of cabins, price and all additional services

  Caribbean catamaran holidays: a yachting paradise

The Caribbean is synonymous with beautiful sea, pristine islands and dream beaches. But where does the name come from? It was the Spanish conquistadors who first used the name Caribe, borrowed from the word karipo which in the language of the local indigenous meant man. The geographical area covered by the Caribbean is immense and much more varied than we might think at first glance. The northern part is occupied by the Greater Antilles: Cuba, Hispaniola island (divided between the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Following the wide arch to the south-east we meet the Lesser Antilles, divided between the Windward and Leeward Islands. It is a long archipelago made up of small and medium islands, a short distance from each other, which, unlike the Greater Antilles, where distances are greater, also allows the passage from one to the other without too long navigations (between 10 and 30 MN). Our Caribbean catamaran charters offer sailboats, motorboats and catamarans on all the main islands, so it's a matter of choosing the destination and the boat you prefer. Some examples: Antigua, fascinating and full of nightlife, can be the starting point in Jolly Harbor to then reach the enchanting Guadeloupe and Barbuda. The second is wild and unspoiled, with long white beaches and a transparent sea. The Grenadine Islands are the paradise of catamaran holidays in the Caribbean, from which to reach Mustique, Baquia and Sant Vincent. The northern part of the Lesser Antilles is occupied by the British Virgin Islands: there are 5 marinas where to land, for a varied and safe navigation by boat or catamaran. In addition, you can visit the beautiful coral atoll about 20 NM from Virgin Gorda. Explore the site, you will find many interesting Caribbean charter proposals!

  Caribbean catamaran cruises with crew

The top of the range of a catamaran cruise in the Caribbean is the full crew mode. In this option our luxury catamarans will be led by a professional skipper and will have on board the crew composed of one or more hostesses and the personal chef who will spoil guests with excellent fresh local products: do not be surprised to see a beautiful lobster on your plate as soon as caught! And then aperitifs, cocktails, romantic dinners in exclusive bays. Relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful sailing holidays in the Caribbean with our catamarans: in the spectacular cayos of Cuba or across the pristine Grenadines, between islets and atolls. From the uninhabited areas of the British Virgin Islands (BVI-British Virgin Island) to the pristine white beaches of Martinique, lulled by tropical winds. You will sail through turquoise waters, surrounded by multicolored fish, and then anchor in the harbor for snorkeling or kayaking. Our catamarans, from the best shipyards in the world, such as Lagoon, Bali, Fountain Pajot, have the most modern equipment on board to maximize comfort: water maker, air conditioning, ice machine, TV. In addition, a variety of equipment to make the holiday more exciting: snorkeling, kayaking, deep sea fishing, mountain bikes and some even jet skis. The Caribbean on a sailing boat will be an unforgettable experience; the professionalism of the crew will leave nothing to chance. The skipper, an expert in the area, will plan the route and allow you to discover the most beautiful parts. The hostesses and the cook will offer you a high level of service on board. You can choose a destination among the many Caribbean catamaran cruises we offer: hundreds of new and overhauled catamaran models departing from all the most important islands. Furthermore, as we know, the area allows you to enjoy an ideal climate during the winter and well into spring, so a wonderful idea is to spend a Caribbean New Year catamaran holiday. On our site you will find all the proposals of the islands / states: you can order by size, model, number of cabins, number of passengers and obviously price. Also do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will give you valuable advice and will be able to carve out your ideal holiday.