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  Sailboat rental in Tuscany the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

Over a hundred kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches with splendid anchorages, the Island of Elba is considered a paradise for sailors. There are about twenty inhabited centers to visit, some with over a thousand-year history. In fact, in Portoferraio, you can visit the Archaeological Civic Museum, with finds ranging from the Etruscans to the Romans. Elba also offers many ideas for wonderful excursions surrounded by nature, such as the summit of Monte Capanne and the mining quarries in the eastern part of the island. Elba is also known worldwide for the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. After the Treaty of Fointainbleau of 1814, Napoleon was allowed to establish the Principality of the island of Elba, a tiny state that allowed him to keep the noble titles in exchange for a definitive renunciation of dynastic law on French territory. In Elba it is possible to visit, in the Portoferraio area, the two Napoleon residences: Palazzina dei Mulini and Villa San Martino. Capraia, the only island in the Tuscan archipelago to be of volcanic origin, is located in the north of Elba and is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers as well as for nature lovers in general. In fact, it is considered a true botanical zoo, with its heather and myrtle and the typical species of the Mediterranean machine. Giglio, an island with a unique atmosphere, suitable for aperitifs at nightfall, where you can find tiny restaurants with strictly fresh fish cuisine. At Giglio the beaches are sandy with fantastic turquoise waters, Cala Caldane, Cala Cannelle in the east and Campese in the north, unfortunately in all depths it increases rapidly moving away from the coast. In Giannutri the coast is mainly rocky and trekking enthusiasts can walk on the paths that cross it, between the stretches of Mediterranean scrub and the remains of the Roman era. Here there is in fact a Roman villa, small but fascinating, which can be visited with the guides. Reached Poggio di Capel Rosso you can observe a breathtaking panorama, thanks to its 88 meters above sea level it represents the highest point on the island. The docking in Giannutri is complicated due to the small size of the coves and the island itself. The ideal is to leave the skipper on a sailing boat, to enjoy the stop without any worries. Pianosa is a small island in the Tuscan archipelago to which you cannot approach with your rental boat, but it is an absolutely recommended stop if you stop on the Island of Elba. Home to a maximum security prison from the unity of Italy until 1998, today it is open for guided tours and only a small part of the island can be visited without a guide. Suitable for bird watchers and also for nature enthusiasts in general as it is entirely covered by the Mediterranean machine. You can make visits to the country with a day charter from the Island of Elba, splendid mountain bike and trekking routes, as well as snorkeling of course, all to be done with the guides.

  Sailboat rental in Tuscany | Sailing and Trekking

By renting a sailing boat in Tuscany it is possible to go from the sea to the mountain, thanks to the suitable trekking routes that are found on the Island of Elba. The Enfola ring route is a beautiful panoramic path that starts at sea level and then climbs to about 100 meters above sea level, without however reaching the top. In the municipality of Campo nell'Elba there is Fetovaia, a wonderful place suitable for both sea lovers, thanks to its white sand that colors the whole bay with turquoise, and for trekking lovers, for the promontory that embraces the bay and it protects it from the humid north winds, and allows a choice on foot to the end of the promontory. Galenzana beach is composed of sand and gravel and is a quiet and reserved place, reachable only by sea or on foot, through a trekking easily accessible to everyone, even to children, which starts from the steps of Piazza da Verrazzano in Marina di Campo. From the highest peak of Elba, Monte Capanne (1019 meters), if the day is particularly clear you can even admire the islands of Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Gorgona and sometimes even Corsica. Here are numerous paths that cross unspoiled nature. A car is needed to get to the starting point. Still by car, from Portoferraio or Rio marina, it is possible to reach the Volterraio castle, an Elban fortification of the year one thousand, never conquered by Turkish pirates. Going up to the top of the mountain you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole bay of Portoferraio.

  Sailboat rental in Tuscany | Must-sees not to be missed on the Island of Elba

80 NM of coastline composed of sandy beaches suitable for anchoring: the paradise of sailing boats is located on the Island of Elba. Elba is well sheltered from all winds, but in particular in case of strong winds, the most sheltered bays are the Viticcio in the north, in case of sirocco, and Cala di Mola and the Golfo Stella, in the south, in case of mistral. The port of Portoferraio is a natural shelter, therefore it is considered the best bay of Elba. Former Medici port and former residence of Napoleon during his Elban exile, it is the perfect place for a stop in the port. Right on the harbor it is possible to visit the remains of the Roman villa of Linguinella, walking along the Medici dock and passing two majestic towers, that of Linguinella and that of Martello. Always in Portoferraio there are one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, that of Ghiaie, and the Terme San Giovanni, immersed in a well-kept park-garden. In Campo nell’Elba, in addition to the beautiful Fetovaia beach which is certainly worth a visit, it is recommended to get lost in the narrow streets of Marina di Campo. Flowered balconies and tiled alleys immersed in a peace of yesteryear. For bicycle lovers, in Capoliveri, in the Capoliveri Bike Park, there are various splendid routes with varying degrees of difficulty, which allow you to ride immersed in nature, after taking a dip in the sea of ​​Stagnone, Calanova or Straccoligno. Rio Marina is a place where time has stopped. Set in a sea inlet, between red earth hills thanks to iron oxide. In Rio Marina, in fact, a must is the Mining Park, where the remains of the iron extracting industry are preserved. This park is considered a park within the park, as it is located within the Tuscan Archipelago national park. Porto Azzuro is a splendid fishing village where the Spanish fortress of Longone is located, built by the Spaniards and then occupied also by French troops. Marciana Marina, the smallest town on the Island of Elba, which develops around its beautiful promenade and the two squares overlooked by the houses that have been homes of illustrious guests over time.

  Sailing schools in Tuscany

If you wish to take sailing lessons, our charters offer special sailing training courses with the possibility of having an instructor from the Italian Sailing Federation on board, who will follow you from the beginning to the end of your sailing school holiday in Tuscany. . Mooring and unmooring, safety and standards, knots, ropes and anchors. You will learn everything you need to know to become real sailors.

  Rya Training Center Tuscany

The RYA: Royal Yacht Academy is the British government agency dealing with water sports and nautical training. In Tuscany ItalyCharter offers courses recognized by the Royal Yacht Academy connected with the Tuscany Rya Training Centers: from the basic title of 'Day Skipper' to the coveted title of 'YachtMaster'. Don't hesitate to contact us for information!