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  Bahamas catamaran cruise

The Bahamas on a catamaran for a vacation is an unforgettable experience: this area is synonymous with idyllic islands, endless routes in the warm wind and a breathtaking beauty of the landscape. The archipelago consists of more than 700 islands, which cover a huge area east of Florida and north of Cuba: from Gran Bahama at the north-west end, to Mayaguana, the last one in the south-east, there are more 420 nautical miles! This means endless possibilities of navigation for islands of the most varied nature, from modern and equipped with luxurious resorts and casinos, to the wild and uninhabited, to the tiny atolls of multicolored coral. The particular conformation of the emerged lands, a complex of carbonate platforms means that around the islands there are shallow waters and reefs for many miles, interrupted by deep ocean trenches when the distances widen. The climate is one of the mildest on the planet: from warm to hot depending on the season, while the water temperature remains constant throughout the year at 26-27 degrees. If you choose Bahamas catamaran charter, you will have the choice between dozens of wonderful brand new and super-equipped boats, from compact 40 feet up to the majestic Sunreef 70. They are equipped with luxury cabins, real suites, and each catamaran has a range of additional equipment: air conditioning, ice machine, TV, inverter, barbecue and all equipment for water sports and fishing. You arrive at Nassau International Airport, via London or the United States, as there is no direct flight from Italy. Alternatively, you can arrive by sea from Florida (from Miami to the capital takes about two and a half hours). The starting points for a Bahamas catamaran holiday are obviously Nassau, with a modern marina, or, alternatively, Marsh Harbor on the island of Great Abaco in the north of the archipelago and George Town, in the central part. All marinas have welcoming and competent staff, our Bahamas catamaran charters are vetted and selected from the best. The official language of the Bahamas is English (the independent country is part of the Commonwealth even though it recognizes the sovereignty of the Queen of England). The Bahamas boat cruise is so varied and exciting that it is difficult to summarize it or give precise itineraries. It is certain that it is suitable for everyone, families with children and seniors included in search of peace and relaxation, but also for the most savvy sailor eager to grind miles in the wind. Not only wonderful sea and postcard beaches, but also a unique fauna in the world: it is possible to dive or simply swim in the company of sharks, meet giant turtles, see iguanas or socialize on Major Cay beach with colonies of wild pigs.

  What are the must-see sights and activities on a catamaran vacation in the Bahamas?

Here are some extraordinary destinations that do not exhaust the possibilities: Diving and swimming on the island of Andros, the third coral reef in the world, among marine flora and colorful fish.
The black coral gardens in the Bimini district, a unique spectacle in the world; in the same group of islands you can do deep sea fishing in the area considered the world capital of this activity
The white sandy beaches of the Exuma Islands (especially Emerald Beach), with the semi-inhabited islet of Allan Cay to meet the particular species of iguana that lives here.
Visits to the Blue Holes: scattered almost everywhere are articulated marine cavities to explore, with multiple tunnels and large caverns where in many cases you can swim. But the most adrenaline-pumping experience is definitely diving with whale sharks for which no specific experience is needed, just enough liver ... The resort is called Stuart Cove and is in the west of Providence Island.
Last but not least, the capital Nassau, point of departure and arrival: here you will visit the Straw Market, the straw market with many handicrafts and the Pirate Museum, the beautiful Ardastra Gardens with pink flamingos.
And to top it off, the most famous beach in the capital, Paradise Beach. Here, you can wait for the romantic sunset in a typical restaurant, or have fun in an evening of luxury nightlife in the clubs or casino.
Bahamas catamaran: this and much more, simply by going to the free discovery of an enchanting world, carried by the wind and by your own intuition. Find the catamaran that best suits your needs on the ItalyCharter website or contact us by email or by phone for all the information!