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Martinique, an island in the Caribbean discovered by Colombo during his fourth voyage, is located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago and in particular in the Windward Islands. It has a length of 80km by 39km of width for a total development of more than 200km of coastline. Part of the French Overseas Department, it is EU territory, therefore an identity card is sufficient for access and the official currency is the Euro. The official language is French, spoken by all, although the local language is Creole. The close link with France has led to considerable investments in the last 30 years in order to promote sustainable tourism development. Cities have modernized, without losing that traditional tropical and Creole charm. Fort-de-France is the capital, located on the south-west coast, while Le Marin is the most developed tourist-sailing center, with an important marina. Martinique sailing charters are based here: we have 91 catamarans and about twenty sailboats chartered by our local reference operators. A catamaran holiday in Martinique is a condensation of Caribbean emotions: the sea that varies from turquoise to overseas tones, the palm-fringed beaches, the rainforests. The sand is white in the south, while beaches of lava origin abound in the north. This area is in fact dominated by the volcano La Pelée, 1397m high which in 1902 erupted causing the complete destruction of the Saint Pierre village. You can visit the ruins of the ancient charred village, a sort of Caribbean Pompeii. Today, despite being in a semi-dormant phase, the volcano is closely monitored by the authorities. If you choose Martinique catamaran charter you will have the opportunity to circumnavigate the island and visit this Caribbean gem. The beaches in the south are white or golden, many wild and others equipped with umbrella bars and sundecks. Further this part of the island offers various anchorage possibilities in picturesque, quiet and protected bays. In the vast bay of Port-de France one can anchor at Ans Mitan, or at Trois Ilets exactly facing the capital. This last place is named by the presence of the three islets facing the bay, which make it a much photographed destination. Fort-de-France is the capital, and the liveliest city. It can be anchored in the port, between the ferries and Fort San Louis. With 86,000 inhabitants, it is full of shops, restaurants and is the hub for buses which, thanks to an efficient system of internal roads, lead anywhere on the island. Yes, because the hinterland of the island offers wonderful landscapes, dominated as it is by rainforests, hills and mountains. Trekking routes are organized, not to be missed for lovers of naturalism. Martinique catamaran cruise means enjoying the splendid sea and the constant wind: then from the capital route north-west to reach the wildest part of the island. We will shortly arrive in Saint Pierre, where we will moor for a stop in today's village rebuilt after the disastrous eruption of the volcano. A short distance away you can visit the ruins of the old charred village. And then we will dive back into the waves to complete the perimeter of the north island. The west coast, open to the trade winds, is wilder and windier. It will be an exciting return navigation along a very indented coast, with the presence of islets and shallow waters, but also some safe shelters such as La Trinité near a spectacular nature reserve. Once back in the south of Martinique, the marvelous white beaches reappear: Cap Chevalier, with the homonymous islet, the beaches of Salines and SaintAnne, now not far from our base in Le Marin. Martinique catamaran therefore for an exceptional holiday, in the name of the sea, landscapes, nature but also of local culture and traditions that will remain forever in your heart.


Whether you want to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a dream setting or you have already been to the Caribbean, the top offer is definitely the luxury catamaran cruise in Martinique with full crew You will have the entire catamaran at your disposal (in a choice of 91 boats of different sizes, from 4 to 8 cabins, all luxury) with a crew made up of an experienced skipper, sailor, one or two hostesses and cook on board. There is the possibility of different routes, depending on the duration (7-10-14 nights) and personal propensities. The most popular with our customers is the Martinique-Grenadines cruise. Departure and arrival in Le Marin, the marina in the southern part of Martinique. With a spectacular navigation driven by the trade winds you will arrive in Bequia, an unspoiled island in the center of the Grenadines archipelago. The water is turquoise and it is not difficult to spot sea turtles. Then the island of Mayreau with mooring in front of the white beach of Saline Bay. On your way up, you will stop at the beautiful Tobago Cays, whose view of the islets and cliffs is the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Later Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, the largest island of the archipelago and Saint Lucia. You can snorkel, scuba dive, kayak or simply swim in a marine paradise. Visits to the fishing villages are unmissable, with their lively markets, the sounds and colors of a rich and vibrant culture. There will be the possibility of touring the islands by taxi or guided trekking routes. Always assisted by a professional on-board staff, during navigation or at anchor, you will see beautiful landscapes and pristine sea. Dinners and lunches, aperitifs and cocktails, freshly caught lobsters and shellfish, barbecues on the beach. The catamarans are equipped with air conditioning, an ice machine and a lot of sports and leisure equipment. Choose catamaran Martinique to have an exciting holiday: our Martinique charters offer many options (91 from Le Marin) to explore on our website, or contact us directly to find out more!


For your Martinique catamaran cruise, Le Marin is located on the southern coast of Martinique, ideally located in a small protected bay between Saint-Anne and Saint-Luce. In 1985 the marina was built which over time has grown to become one of the largest in the Caribbean, appreciated and awarded with the three-star Nautical Station classification. Today it is therefore a capital of nautical tourism, with an international flavor, frequented by sailors from all over the world. The marina is well equipped for boating (more than 800 berths) and offers many shops, bars and restaurants. If you want to rent the boat, both bare-boat and with crew, here you will find a wide range of catamarans, as many as 91! Catamaran charter Martinique with our charter operators is not a problem. There is also no shortage of complementary activities such as kayaking, diving, deep sea and underwater fishing, water skiing and windsurfing. Le Marin is the departure and arrival base for the Martinique catamaran excursions. You can sail around the perimeter of the island (about 200 km), stay in the splendid southern area (Cap Macré, Anse Baleine), and sail south route for about 20 NM towards the island of Santa Lucia and maybe even go as far as the Grenadines! The location is not only synonymous with boating and sport, but offers its charm for those seeking peace and relaxation. Immersed in a green oasis, surrounded by mangroves, Le Marin maintains a certain ancient charm. You can stroll through its narrow streets and reach Saint-Etiénne, one of the oldest churches in Martinique. Built in rough stone by the Jesuits in the 18th century, it has the internal shape of an overturned hull and preserves at the side the characteristic squat and low bell tower surmounted by a lantern.


Vacation aboard a Martinique yacht? As Martinique is a French territory, the main connections from Europe are with Paris, while there are no direct flights from Italy. From Paris Orly airport there are flights to Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, of Airfrance (2 or 3 flights a day), Air Caraibes and Corsair (1 flight daily). The flight takes about 8 hours, to which there are to add, if you leave from Italy, 1-2 hours and a half (depending on where you leave) to reach the French capital. A direct flight to Orly is recommended, as the transfer from Charles de Gaulle is quite long. Paris Orly is served in Italy by low cost airlines Easyjet, Vueling and Transavia, with departures from Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples. The total cost of return flights to Martinique varies from 650 to 1000 €, depending on the season and the advance booking. If you want to extend your Caribbean holiday sailing or without, from Martinique you can fly to and from the various Caribbean countries, in addition USA and Canada are served respectively by American Airlines and Aircanada.