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  BVI in Catamaran | Itineraries

A catamaran holiday in the BVI Virgin Islands to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas on the planet, between tropical seas, crystal waters and enchanting landscapes. This vast archipelago, which extends for about 45 miles, is divided between the British sovereignty (BVI, British Virgin Islands) and that of the United States (USBVI). Columbus arrived there on his second voyage and baptized the archipelago with the name of Sant'Orsola and the 11 thousand Virgins, the Spaniards did not immediately claim the property, preferring to move to other lands, and the BVI kept the abbreviated toponym of Virgin Islands. Later they were disputed between the major powers of the time, namely France, England, Holland and even Denmark, which obtained the central islands before selling them to the USA. Economic development was linked to the introduction by Europeans of the cultivation of sugar cane (which was not endemic) and the consequent arrival of slaves to work it. The centuries-old history echoes in the ports, in the rum workshops, in the population (the vast majority are of African origin). Legends of adventurers and mercenaries, of pirates and sailors who have sailed these waters, fought and maybe got drunk in the taverns of the villages. A story recognizable on land, but also at sea: the island of Anegada has about 400 wrecks on the bottom, many of which are still unexplored to the delight of divers and Salt Island you can visit the steamship RMS Rhone sunk in 1867, considered the most nice visit to wrecks of the West.
The catamaran vacation in the BVI can have two starting points: Road Town or Nanny Cay, both on the greater Tortola island. The first is the capital city, which overlooks a large bay with the largest port of the Virgin Islands. There are several marinas with a valid offer of all nautical services and the lively city is worth a visit, with its restaurants, cocktail bars, craft shops. Do not miss the Botanic Garden and if you like walking in nature, it is unmissable in the National Park which climbs up to the summit of Sage Mountain from which you can enjoy an amazing view. Nanny Cay, on the other hand, is a small bay in an inlet: quieter and more sheltered but with equally efficient services to yachts, with reliable and competent local charters. The two marinas globally offer more than one hundred new, super-equipped catamarans ready for departure. Lagoon, Fountain Pajot, Bali, ranging in size from the compact 40 feet up to the large Sunreef 74. Think that of the more than one hundred catamarans, more than half have left the yards this year or last year. In addition to this, our BVI charters are selected among the best, a guarantee of seriousness and hospitality. You can rent the catamaran in bareboat, if you first make sure that your boat license is valid for the area. Or the agency with a small surcharge can request the professional skipper (which is mandatory in larger boats). Finally, last but not least, the top of the range package, luxury catamaran: the rental is a boat complete with crew, with skipper, hostess, sailor and cook on board. Perfect navigation, on-board services, cocktails, aperitifs, dinners. The most equipped catamarans have air conditioning, ice machine and barbecue, not to mention the various equipment for doing activities: kayaks, mountain bikes, deep sea fishing rods, snorkeling and some catamarans offer the possibility of a scuba-diving instructor on board with related equipment.
Ready to go on a dream cruise to the Virgin Islands? Well, the itineraries are endless and ensure the visit of unforgettable places. The government of the BVI (like the USVI for that matter) guarantees the conservation of the delicate marine ecosystem; there are more than 20 protected areas where coral reefs and seabed prairies must be respected and anchoring is strictly prohibited. However, you can do it in the vicinity of the appropriate mooring buoys, to live immersed in pristine seascapes. Tortola offers many pleasant places to anchor: Soper's Hole is a charming bay at the western end. To the north, Cane Garden Cave, an idyllic white sand beach fringed with coconut palms, considered one of the most beautiful in the Virgin Islands. To the east, the system of islets around Beef Island, Marina Cay and Scrub Island: if you pay attention to the reefs you can anchor safely and swim among the corals and giant turtles. On the north coast of Beef (the islet of the airport), Trellis Bay, with the homonymous village where artists and craftsmen meet in the two excellent restaurants. The bay is quiet, dominated by the turquoise sea and if you are in the right week, you can experience the most beautiful full moon night in the archipelago.
South of Tortola, a system of small uninhabited islands where you can breathe the magical flow of virgin nature: Norman Island and Peter Island. They are small in size, but with such an articulated shape that you will find several bays where to anchor. The show is guaranteed: flora, fauna (colorful birds), the sea with kaleidoscopic shades, the echo of legends (it was once called Treasure Island because it is believed that the pirates had buried the treasure there). Again, Virgin Gorda, the Fat Virgin as Columbus baptized it, with the delightful village of Spanish Town and the spectacular granite rock conformations on the sea called The Baths, not far from a marina where you can moor. Then north-east route, challenging the Atlantic air: if the weather permits we arrive at Anegada, another semi-uninhabited pearl, the only largest island (11 miles) completely flat in the Virgin Islands, characterized by long white beaches. And finally, the magic of the beaches of Jost Van Dyke, its backdrops and exclusive luxury resorts. Cruise to the Virgin Islands by catamaran is this and much more: exploring remote villages surrounded by green nature, eating a freshly caught grilled marlin, dancing a traditional dance with the locals. With the whole family, with children, on honeymoon, for a dream come true.