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  Malaysia Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran vacation in Malaysia? ItalyCharter has always been careful to offer charter cruises to less known places on the planet and free from the massive presence of tourism, in order to take advantage of the joy of navigation surrounded by possibly unspoiled nature. This is what you will find if you choose catamaran charter in Malaesia: the starting point is the archipelago of Langkawi, made up of 90 largely uninhabited islands, of which the homonymous island is clearly the largest and represents the vital center. The island is nestled in the Strait of Malacca in the Andaman Sea, about 30 km west of the coast of the Malay Peninsula. As mentioned, a tropical natural pearl, whose name refers to the eagle (Lang) forte (waki), which finds its kingdom here: it has now become the symbol, so much so that a 12-meter statue has been erected in the capital. of the majestic bird of prey. The fauna is very varied, including fish, amphibians and endemic primates such as the Java macaque and the spectacled langur. An area made up of dream beaches, beautiful coral reefs, relatively calm waters and a system of rainforests inside. The 85 thousand inhabitants spread over 6 districts populate Langkawi whose capital is Kuah Town, Despite its size and low population, however, the island has an international airport so it is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur. Our reliable Malaysia charter operators will welcome you at Langkawi Marina to offer you all assistance. At the moment there are 4 multihulls available including a Sunreef, a Bali and two Fountain Pajots in perfect condition and equipped for maximum comfort in navigation. From 4 or 5 cabins, all with private bathrooms, and a series of services to make the cruise more comfortable: freezer, air conditioning, TV, heating (even if you shouldn't need it ...) Plus equipment for collateral activities such as kayaking, sup, deep sea fishing, etc. On our site you can see in detail all the technical specifications of each catamaran; also if the presence of the obligatory skipper is included in the package or if there is the possibility to rent the catamaran in bareboat formula. Once ready to set sail, the archipelago itineraries are many; Kuah located in a bay in the south of the island, surrounded by a system of islets and rocks that creates a particularly impressive landscape scenery. Then head north to discover the most fascinating corners and dream beaches: especially Cenang and Datai Bay, the latter voted by National Geographic as one of the 6 most beautiful in the world! In such an idyllic setting, tropical nature in the hinterland could not be missing: in 2007 a Geopark was established which became a UNESCO heritage site for its beauty and variety of flora and fauna, amidst mangrove forests and spectacular karst formations.