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  Ponza sailing boat rental

The Ponziane Archipelago is a sailing paradise. Sailing on a sailing boat from Nettuno, we reach Ponza, the largest island in several hours of sailing. The well-equipped Bourbon port of Ponza welcomes us to visit the main center perched by pastel-colored houses. The island of volcanic origin, totally hilly, is very long in a succession of jagged bays dominated by tufaceous rock and some small beaches. The morphological profile offers multiple sheltered landing places to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Sailing north we meet in succession the Cale Core, Cala Inferno and Cala Arco where to anchor: the latter with the characteristic faraglione from which it takes its name, which can be traveled by tender on kayak. After rounding the cape, the west coast continues rocky and articulated, the wind from the west can be tense but the island always offers protected places: the coves Acqua and Feola, the Baia Lucia Rosa and then arrives at the famous Chiaia Luna, where the rocky theater it is colored at sunset. To complete the circumnavigation, returning to Porto di Ponza we will meet the Faraglioni of the Madonna with a suggestive system of caves. The Ponziano Archipelago offers interesting itineraries for sailing: at 6NM north-east you can visit the small island of Zannone, part of the Circeo Park. Centuries ago the seat of a Cistercian monastery, it is now uninhabited and immersed in silence, on the route of migratory birds; two automated headlights signal the danger to navigators. Turning westwards you reach Palmarola after 9NM. A concentrate of natural beauty, in the third largest island of the archipelago. There are no ports, but safe anchorages where to anchor, surrounded by an enchanting landscape. The top of the island are La Forcina, a bay on the east coast sheltered from the winds, the dizzying Cathedral, a wall of rocks overlooking the north, the coves on the west coast (Cala del Porto is the main landing place) and the remote Cala Brigantina to the south, between cliffs, caves and a tiny beach. The joy of sailing can be further fueled: south-east route with perhaps a nice stern wind to reach Ventotene. More isolated than Ponza, less touristy but equally fascinating for sailing and diving. It can be circumnavigated admiring its solid morphological structure and unspoiled nature as it is at the center of a Marine Protected Area. It has no harbor where to anchor, with the exception of Cala Nave, with two beautiful stacks and the most popular beach on the island. The urban center of Ventotene instead presents both the New Port and the Roman Port, excellent for safe mooring and visiting the lively city full of restaurants, bars and several local craft shops. Film lovers will remember the island for setting the film Ferie d'agosto by Paolo Virzì (1996). To complete the boat holiday, you can go to the islet of Santo Stefano, overlooking the port, less than a mile: round and rocky, almost inaccessible, there is the abandoned penitentiary, where many patriots in the nineteenth century and anti-fascists in the twenty years were detained, among whom the most famous was Sandro Pertini.