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  Seychelles catamaran cruise

Cruise to the Seychelles, for a dream vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This archipelago known above all by name, but with a remote location, is located in the Indian Ocean about 1500 km from the coast of East Africa, north-east of Madagascar. It is made up of 115 islands, divided into the central ones, of granite origin and lush vegetation, and the outermost ones, instead of coral origin, which are very small (some real atolls), flat and round. The population does not reach 100,000 inhabitants, of which 90% on the main island Mahé (which does not reach the size of the Island of Elba, for comparison), where the capital Vittoria is also located. This town is a real miniature capital of a state that gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1976, with the International Airport, the presidential palace, ministries, and even a (very to scale!) Reproduction of the Big Well Londoner in one of the central squares. The Seychelles catamaran cruise departs from the Mahé marina, while alternatively you can opt for Praslin, the second largest island, about 43 nautical miles away. The latter is instead very close to La Digue, which is characterized by beautiful deserted beaches surrounded by wild nature. These three islands form the central nucleus of a very vast archipelago, which extends radially for many tens of miles.
It was precisely the secluded position with respect to trade routes, and the absence of natural resources that discouraged the interest on the part of the great powers in the centuries in which other tropical islands enjoyed fame and success (and were the scene of battles). They were discovered at the dawn of exploration, in 1502 by Vasco da Gama, but practically ignored for two and a half centuries, acting only as an impromptu stop for European companies during the trade routes to and from the Indies, although defying the dangers of assault: in those in fact, centuries were transformed into pirate bases. In 1754 the French government, which already owned the neighboring colonies of Mauritius and Reunion, decided to take possession of them (and presumably found no obstacle) and to plant those crops that would have allowed their economic development: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, walnut muscat. Since then, the Seychelles had a similar history to all tropical islands; plantation owners who enriched themselves by exploiting slaves, increased ship traffic, disputes between European powers; the expansion aroused the interest of Great Britain, which conquered the archipelago in 1810, together with Mauritius at the expense of France.
However, the arrival of the new colonizers marked a decline in economic fortunes: the abolition of slavery led to the flight of the landowners and in the second half of the century the Seychelles were practically ignored by the motherland. This attitude explains why the archipelago did not see, until well into the twentieth century, a strong anthropization, a growth in the population, a policy of strong investments, an economic boom, unlike the Caribbean islands. On the other hand, it allowed the few authentic villages to be preserved, together with a practically virgin nature, with many endemic species of fauna and flora that remained original. A trip to the Seychelles by catamaran is therefore aimed at those who want to savor the sea and the most intact nature: to discover paradisiacal beaches surrounded by vegetation; swim and snorkel in transparent or turquoise water, see multicolored fish and giant turtles; sail in peace around the three major islands and to the wild islets a short distance away.
It starts from Mahé, from the pleasant city of Vittoria, surrounded by hills, considered one of the smallest capitals in the world. Don't miss the botanical garden, the colorful fish market and the national history museum. We finally leave for sailing on a catamaran. Our Seychelles operators, based on Mahé and Praslin, have a catalog of around 50 catamarans. Many are models of this year, for example, the rental of a Bali 4.1 of 2020 with 3 super luxury cabins for 6 people costs about € 4700 for a week between March and April. Equipped with electric toilet, solar panels, inverter, freezer and barbecue. On board there are many equipment for water and sports activities, moreover with a small surcharge you can have the skipper, the hostess and even the cook! Get ready for aperitifs and cocktails and delicious dinners based on fresh fish, in a dream bay at sunset!
Mahé is practically surrounded by beaches, it's just a matter of sailing and discovering them: Anse Soleil, Sunset Beach, Anse l'Islette, and many more. Not far away, the protected marine park of St. Anne Marine Park which includes six islets in an incomparable setting. Then, with just over 40 nautical miles of navigation, you reach Praslin, the second island and with the nearby La Digue. Here, you can stop at the beach that has become a symbol of the Seychelles: Anse Source d'Argent, an idyll that is hard to describe. On Praslin, you will see a species of endemic coconut unique in the world, the coc de mer, and you can visit the national park (Unesco heritage) in the interior. From Praslin you can make day trips to the granite islet of St. Pierre and to La Curieuse, a fascinating island that once housed a leper colony and today a colony of one hundred giant tortoises that it is not difficult to meet while swimming! To conclude, the Seychelles are a paradise on earth, to be visited and explored by boat or catamaran and our charters in Mahé and Preslin offer top welcome and assistance to make your dream come true.