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Yacht charters in Italy, the best destinations

Italy: a magnificent peninsula that stretches into the Mediterranean and boasts a wealth of nature, history and culture. Poetry is all around, from Sardinia with its enchanting beaches which can be reached by yacht or by motor boat, to Sicily with the Aeolian and Egadi islands; from the fabled Amalfi coast to the small isle of Ponza, a tiny gem of caves and clear water. Tuscany, of course with the isle of Elba, a must-see destination for anyone who enjoys peaceful cruising on a private yacht or catamaran. Then there’s Liguria and the Cinque Terre, with its pretty hill towns; Puglia, with its bewitchingly beautiful Tremiti islands and Salento coast; or Venice, with its splendid islands on the lagoon, perfect for discovering by boat. And Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda, for an atmospheric taste of Northern Italy from the comfort of a chartered yacht or motor boat.


La Maddalena island, the Costa Smeralda, Asinara… Sardinia is an endless list of stunning beaches covering more than 1800 kilometres of coastline. The island is alive with colour, and offers a rich variety of landscapes. It’s a must-see for those wanting to rent a boat, whether a bareboat rental or luxury yacht charter, and sail among the most spectacular scenery that the Mediterranean has to offer.


A magical blend of nature and history makes Sicily one of the most extraordinary regions of the Mediterranean. Its tiny archipelagos offer crystal waters, volcanic mountains and ancient fishing villages: the Aeolian, Egadi and Pelagia isles must be experienced by boat.

Amalfi Coast

One of the pearls of Italy. What better way to explore this paradise than a yacht charter: Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Capri, and Ischia are breathtakingly beautiful spots, with their towering cliffs and clear seas. The perfect honeymoon getaway, made even more romantic when travelling by boat.


As small as it is beautiful, this island just off the Amalfi coast is ideal for anyone seeking a sailing holiday surrounded by sheer beauty: rocks of every imaginable hue, plunging steep cliffs and majestic caves. Whether you opt for a crewed or bareboat charter on a yacht or motor boat, make sure to call in at this destination.


One of Italy’s most picturesque regions. The Tuscan archipelago should be on the bucket list of any catamaran- or sailing holiday-enthusiast: the islands of Elba, Capraia, Giglio, Giannutri. Beautiful beaches and coves, and historic towns too, offering shelter from all the winds.

Cinque Terre

Cruising along the Cinque Terre is a truly spectacular experience; this stretch of cliffs and bays includes romantic, picturesque corners where the work of human hand can be admired alongside the beauty of nature. Viewed from a yacht, the little villages perched on the hilltops resemble an oil painting.

North Adriatic

The stretch of coast between Venice and Trieste and the Venetian lagoons are ideal to visit on a boat or a houseboat and are a unique destination, something that no other Italian region can offer. If tranquil, glassy expanses of water and atmospheric lakes appeal to you, this is the right place.


Venice: perhaps the world’s dreamiest city thanks to its unique atmosphere, and even more captivating if it is discovered by private boat. Cruising through the lagoon, dropping anchor in one of its famous or lesser-known islands, with the freedom to stay on after dusk once the tourists have gone home is an unforgettable experience and would be a dream honeymoon.


Puglia is a simply magical region. It boasts miles and miles of coastline, with crystal seas, picturesque villages to explore, and striking natural panoramas such as those found on the Tremiti Islands and in Salento: a rocky, many-hued paradise, with an almost unreal natural beauty – naturally, best explored on board a chartered boat.

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Luxury Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

The bright colours and cheerful culture of the Mediterranean, and countries such as France and Spain which are lapped by the calmer waters of this sea, are an inspiration to fans of sailing holidays, who can rent a catamaran, yacht or sailboat to make the most of its splendid islands and sunkissed coasts. France gets sailors’ pulses racing with the Cote d’Azur and Corsica, both top destinations for sailing charter enthusiasts; while Spain beckons with its beautiful Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca, and Minorca. The eastern Mediterranean is dotted with the thousands of islands of Croatia and Greece, their picturesque beaches and bays forming a wonderful cruising ground.


Spain is the ultimate blend of nightlife and nature, with a wide variety of impressive beaches, each one more beautiful than the next, all great for exploring by renting a boat. Ibiza is the home of hedonism, for a stopover by yacht; Formentera offers natural scenery, to explore in the silence of a sailing boat or by catamaran; and Mallorca and Minorca both have the ideal mixture of movida and unspoilt marine environments.


France’s Mediterranean coast, the Porquerolles and Corsica are superb destinations for a sailing holiday spent admiring unforgettable colourful landscapes. The Cote d’Azur entices with Saint Tropez, Antibes, Cannes and Nice, all lively destinations with VIP beach clubs and hip night spots. The Porquerolles are untamed and enchanting; and Corsica is windswept and intense – a yacht charter is the ideal way to discover it.


Corsica is the realm of the sea and wind, where sweeping beaches of powder-soft sand are juxtaposed against bright-hued cliffs inhabited by nobody but seagulls: from the red rock of Scandola, which can only be reached by boat, to the dazzling white of Bonifacio, which reflects turquoise waters and rewards anyone reaching the old port with a unique experience.


Greece and her sea have been luring travellers since time immemorial. The sirens’ song invariably works its magic. Whether you rent a catamaran, sailing yacht or motor yacht, you’ll fall head over heels with the beaches and inlets that trace out the Greece coasts: the Ionian coast, the Cyclades, Skiathos and the Dodecanese islands become a Garden of Eden to explore by boat – just as Ulysses did.


Overlooking the Aegean Sea, Turkey is strewn with a varied assortment of beaches and coasts. Oludeniz, Bozzucale, Adalia, Bodrum, Fethiye, Alanya, Marmaris and Smirne are just a handful of the spots that can be discovered on a crewed or bareboat yacht, catamaran or motor boat charter.


Malta, Gozo and Comino: three stunning islands with white beaches, interspersed with rocks polished smooth by the wind and waves. A sailing holiday in this corner of the Mediterranean lets you discover Paradise Bay or Ghajn Tuffieha, with their picture-perfect landscapes.


Six thousand kilometres of coastline, more than a thousand islands, and a vast choice of catamaran rentals and yacht charters in Croatia make it the most popular destination in the Mediterranean. Our crews’ favourite itineraries include the Istrian peninsula and the scenic islands in Kvarner Bay; the Kornati islands and Dalmatia with its jagged coastline, 725 islets and crystal clear waters.


The small coast of Slovenia is charmingly varied: the seaside resort of Portoroz, the colourful village of Piran and the cliffs of Strunjan are just some of the places to sail to and stop over on a boat rental, whether you go for a crewed yacht or bareboat charter.


Undiluted nature: 293 kilometres of coastline, 117 beaches and coves that can only be reached by sea. Montenegro has plenty of pleasant surprises in store for seafaring types.

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Yacht charters in the Caribbean

The Caribbean: an endless expanse of islands that cover some 2500 kilometres: from the largest, such as Cuba and Puerto Rico, to the smallest, such as the British Virgin Islands. From the Leeward Islands (St Martin, Antigua and Guadalupe) to the Windward Islands (Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada itself). The Caribbean is a kaleidoscope of colours, scents, musical genres and gourmet delights, perfect for discovering by renting a boat or a yacht. Whether explored from on board a crewed charter, cabin charter or bareboat charter, the Caribbean is one of the best-loved destinations among catamaran enthusiasts.


A land infused with passion and history, where salsa beats mingle with the crashing of the waves. Rent a boat or catamaran in Cuba and make a beeline for the harbours, to breathe in the scent of cigars and flowers; cast anchor in front of white sandy beaches, and sip a mojito while you wait to admire the sunset.

Puerto Rico

The lush green Caribbean island, which has become popular for its beautiful beaches, reefs with great snorkelling, and stunning bays with water tinged a palette of blue, green and turquoise. Sailboats and catamarans are ideal options for exploring the island, but luxury yacht charters are also available.

British Virgin Islands

BVI: the British Virgin Islands, is the destination of choice for those with a passion for sailing yachts straight out of a fairytale. A snorkeller’s paradise, its coral reef is a truly breathtaking sight. Diving into these aquamarine waters is an extraordinary experience.

Saint Martin

Half Dutch and half French, St Martin is a tropical paradise that is well-suited to fans of yachting and catamaran holidays. Tintamarre, Orient Bay, Ile Pinelle are some of its finest anchorages for keen snorkellers.


Antigua lies at the heart of the Leeward Islands, and is one of the best-loved of the group – hardly surprising, given it has more than 300 beaches and inlets that are ripe for discovery on a catamaran or sailing boat. This romantic hideaway is also a popular honeymoon spot.


An island with a multifaceted landscape: tropical rainforests at the foot of a volcano, mangroves, vast beaches, rugged cliffs, and banana and sugar cane plantations. Its shores offer plenty of marinas, which make excellent starting points for venturing inland or for cruising around the tiny islands dotted around Guadalupe.


200 kilometres of sublime coastline and a beautiful capital, Fort de France, also known as the “Paris of the Caribbean”. Martinique’s white beaches are lapped by glittering waters every shade of blue: set sail on board a catamaran or yacht charter for “paradise found

St Vincent Grenadines

Lush, green St Vincent is an island with a rich history of revolutions and uprisings. It’s a must-see destination, especially when combined with the Grenadines, the islands that all sailors dream of admiring from the deck of a boat pushed along on the tradewinds.


Nature reserves and botanical gardens protect the tropical rainforest which covers this island, with waterfalls and lakes galore. Dotted along the forest’s edge are hundreds of inlets and postcard-perfect beaches that offer shelter for yachts and catamarans.

Cabin Charters and Bareboat Yacht Charters all over the world

Tropical vacations where the sun’s warmth offers year-round sailing opportunities on yachts, motor boats or catamarans among the stunning hues of the sea around the Bahamas, Thailand, the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Maldives. These islands and atolls are the stuff of dreams for anyone with a passion for life at sea.


700 coral-formation islands, of which only around thirty are inhabited; gorgeous, sugar-white beaches that stand out against the turquoise waters… A Bahamas yacht charter or motor yacht rental is ideal for cruising among these heavenly coral islands.


International tourist hotspot Thailand and its islands are also one of the most popular destinations for sailing holidays. Rent a catamaran, motor boat or yacht and set sail to discover the Thai coasts for the vacation of a lifetime.


Blocks of granite sitting atop pure white sands, palm-fringed turquoise waters, coral atolls and untouched rainforests: the Seychelles are a sanctuary for the beauty of the Indian Ocean, and a sailing charter or motor boat rental is the best way to visit.


Viewed from on board a yacht, the coasts of Mauritius resemble the Garden of Eden. Tropical vegetation, gently rolling hills and white beaches interspersed with black volcanic rocks. The island is equally spectacular seen from a catamaran or motor boat charter.


The Maldives have become shorthand for the perfect vacation. Its 1200 iconic islands are an endless paradise for lovers of bareboat charters or catamaran rentals, where they can cruise among its coral atolls. The year-round warm, breezy climate is ideal for long swims; snorkelling here is like being plunged into a huge aquarium.