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  Caribbean Charter

For a wonderful holiday in the Caribbean, Italycharter offers a wide range of Caribbean boat rentals, offered by selected local charters in the main marinas. You are spoiled for choice, in an area so vast and rich in islands of different sizes and characteristics. It is important to initially know the formula that best suits your needs, so we are going to illustrate the different Caribbean charter options.
The simplest formula is Caribbean Sailing Charter in bareboat: whether it is a sailboat or catamaran, the boat is chartered for the chosen period - typically one or two weeks - as it is, with no staff on board. It will therefore be the customer's responsibility to make sure that they have a valid boat license for that country, or, alternatively, bring a trusted skipper. This formula allows you to have full freedom to enjoy the Caribbean boat rental, independently with family, friends, partners. If, on the other hand, you prefer not to have the worry of navigation, you can opt for a Caribbean yacht with skipper on board: for a small surcharge, a local professional will take you wherever you decide on the itinerary and maybe help you to discover less known corners. Finally we have the top formula: luxury yachts in the Caribbean that is a boat or a catamaran with a full crew. Not only the skipper, but also one or two hostesses to offer you the ultimate in luxury. Aperitifs, meals, dinners on board, cocktails and all the collateral activities that a luxury cruise in the Caribbean can include.

  Caribbean Cruise: When to Go?

A Caribbean boat cruise is a wonderful experience. However, it is important to choose the time of year to go. The vast geographical area between the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles has the typical climate of the tropical belt, therefore distinguishable in two seasons. The ideal is for a charter in the Caribbean is typically in the winter season, when you can enjoy the dry season and the many hours of sunshine per day, with a slightly cooler temperature than the spring-summer, albeit always warm. mid-November we are already out of the rainy season, although there may be some tail of the wet season (so some showers) until mid-December. Your holiday in the Caribbean by boat is therefore recommended until late May, when the weather remains nice while afterwards the season of intense rains begins which, between June and October, can also turn into violent hurricanes. An example will clarify the subtle differences: in Aruba the min-max temperatures of January 24 and 30 C, while in May they are 26.5-32. However, rainfall changes a lot, with only 16 mm in May, rising to 40 mm in January and 94 in November.