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  By boat to the Leeward Islands

From the east of Puerto Rico to Antigua and Montserrat in the south, sailing to the leeward islands truly offers countless possibilities. Starting from the British Virgin Islands, there are 3 departure bases: Tortola, which is also the island of the capital Red Town, then Saint Thomas and Red Hook. There are a total of 40 islands of which only 16 are inhabited, making it an ideal destination for those who want variety and navigation possibilities. It is an immense protected park, where you will see white beaches, dark green vegetation, splendid flora and fauna. The corals of the Anegada atoll, the imposing rocky concretions of Virgin Gorda, the famous beaches of Jost Van Dyke ... this and much more. Starting from Saint Martin, the island of nightlife and casinos, you will soon arrive at the relaxing and unspoiled Anguilla, while to the south you reach the exclusive Saint Barthelemy, for a dip in the turquoise waters and a walk to meet some celebrities. of cinema or business. Again: from the English Harbor of Antigua to discover the fantastic bays of the island, the main destination for nautical tourism; stop in the coral reef, make a trip to the deserted Barbuda, devastated by the 2017 cyclone. Sailing holiday in the Leeward Islands is the opportunity to sail under the influence of the trade winds around hundreds of islands of considerable variety: from the most touristy to the most elite, from remote islets with deserted beaches to the largest rich in towns and local history. An incomparable seascape where you can swim, snorkel or dive to discover seabed with kaleidoscopic colors, colorful fish and underwater flora, perhaps shipwrecks of galleons. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, music, festivals, carnival, Creole cuisine. Fish off the coast and have a barbecue on the beach, savor artisanal rum cocktails. And then collateral activities that add further emotions to the holiday; you can stroll through parks and botanical gardens, go trekking in rainforests or on the peaks of volcanoes, visit waterfalls and canyons, or simply relax by shopping for markets. The ancient and the modern, tradition and innovation, nature and technology that combine, in a context of warmth and hospitality. This is the Caribbean and the Leeward Islands, sailing alone, with your partner and friends, with family and children. Upon request, the operators will provide a professional skipper if you do not want to have problems running the boat.