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Are you a fan of sailing in the Caribbean? Why don't you opt for a Martinique cruise? The island, which is part of the French overseas department, is a sailing paradise in the Caribbean. The starting point for Martinique sailboat rental is Le Marine, with an excellent marina (judged to be one of the best in the Caribbean) where our charters have a wide range of boats to choose from among Beneteau, Dufour and Jeanneau. The resort, located in a small bay on the southwestern tip of the island, is surrounded by lush mangrove vegetation. Sailing in Martinique means sailing with pleasure in a splendid sea, mooring in pristine bays where you can swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel or scuba dive at the coral reef. Not far from the bay of Le Marine is Saint-Anne, with a mooring point in front of the splendid beach. The picturesque village with white houses has typical shops and restaurants. Further south the famous beaches of Salines, bordered by a dense row of palm trees. After passing Ilet Cabrit, you can sail north along the east coast, with countless bays and wild beaches. On the western side, sailing towards the capital Fort-de-France, you will meet emblematic destinations: Anse Noire, with its sea turtles, Trois Ilets, dominated by the three islets that emerge close to the harbor and finally the vast bay of Port-de -France. The capital, a city of 86 thousand inhabitants, offers the possibility of walking, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Vela Martinique is a wonderful holiday suitable for both pure sailors and families with children and seniors. You can find quiet and little windy beaches and bays where children can have fun in safety. Continuing beyond Fort-de-France, the Martinique cruise cannot ignore the navigation to the north of the island, the most pristine. The beaches gradually become dark, due to their lava origin. The northern part is in fact dominated by the massif of the La Pelée volcano (about 1400m) which became the protagonist of some eruptions over the centuries. The most recent and terrible occurred in 1902 when the entire village of Saint-Pierre was destroyed (only 4 survived!) And today it is possible to visit the charred ruins. You will arrive at the small port of the reconstructed town and from there you can access the ancient Saint-Pierre, a sort of Caribbean Pompeii! If you choose Martinique boat rental you will have these and many other emotions, to be experienced in company, at the command of an excellent boat provided by our best Caribbean charters with departure and arrival base in Le Marin!


Martinique is one of the Caribbean destinations most appreciated by lovers of sailing, whether you want a boat or catamaran. The island not only offers the possibility to sail safely and explore unspoiled places, but also an enviable range of activities both at sea and on land. Due to its climate and water at a constant temperature all year round, the activities at sea are countless. Snorkeling and swimming in the coves and near the coral reef, where masks and fins are also provided (often included on board the charter). For divers, there are several Scuba diving centers. Martinique is also a paradise for windsurfing, kiting (in Anse Michel and Anse Traubaud) and surfing (especially on the windier western and northern coasts). For lovers of sea fishing, boat trips are organized offshore with professional equipment. You cannot miss a trip with a local Yole to spot dolphins or giant turtles, or for those who want daily kayaking excursions. For pure sailors, small sailing catamarans can be rented, the gommier that is the local regatta boat, hobie-cat or laser. There is no shortage of land activities on a Martinique holiday: mountain biking and trekking, especially in the mountain ranges of the north of the island and towards the volcano. Horse riding, 4X4 or buggy rides. For golf lovers, there is a spectacular 18-hole course overlooking the Trois Ilets. For extreme runners, the Tchimberaid, a race now in its 23rd edition through the tropical forest, with a mileage ranging from 5 to 103 km for the most daring! Finally, if you want to relax, the main centers such as Fort-de-France, Lamantin and Le Marin offer bars, restaurants and shopping for local products and crafts. Martinique also abounds with typical villages to discover, fishing or rural on the slopes of the hills. The local handicraft is very suggestive: the calebasse, large wooden shells of the fruits processed to become containers. The processing of intertwined fibers including the typical hats called bakoua. Furthermore, we find many fabrics including Madras imported from India since the 18th century and then worked for various garments. To finish with the processing of sugar cane, from which the syrup and the inevitable Martinique Rum are obtained. Catamaran or sailing boat in Martinique will be an exciting and varied holiday: navigation and sailing, sea and nature in a perfect combination!


When is the best time for a yacht charter in Martinique? The island, located at the 14th parallel, between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, has a climate, like the rest of the Caribbean, classified as tropical maritime. There are typically two seasons, the wet one that runs from mid-May to mid-November and the dry one from mid-November to mid-May. The first is characterized by an average warmer temperature (up to 31 the maximum in the afternoon) but by frequent rains especially from July to October, when tropical hurricanes can occur. From November onwards these phenomena subside, making the holiday pleasant. Temperatures drop slightly (22-29 minimum and maximum) and rainfall is very low from February to April. To get an idea in Fort-de France, 60 to 90 mm per month are registered during this period. In general, however, even December and January are excellent months to take a Martinique holiday (think what a great idea to spend the New Year on a boat).