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  Windward Islands by Catamaran

The Windward Islands is the most fascinating archipelago in the entire Caribbean area. Divided into Northern and Southern Italy, together with the Leeward Islands they make up the Lesser Antilles. A catamaran holiday in the Windward is pure joy of sailing in the breeze of the trade winds, in an ideal climate from November to May, sunny but never hot. The long arc of the islands of volcanic origin extends from the British Virgin Islands, the northernmost, to the Grenadines and Grenada the southernmost. In between, exotic and somewhat mysterious destinations such as Antigua, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St, Vincent and many others. On our site you will find the map of the departure points: on each main island modern marinas and luxurious marinas operate all year round to offer you a wide range of catamarans. If you choose Windward Islands catamaran charter you will be able to sail freely among beautiful islands (the greatest distance between them does not exceed 20-25 miles) with friends, partner or family. In fact, these places are also suitable for children and the elderly, with the possibility of navigating safely, mooring in the marina or anchoring in the countless protected bays. Many activities related to the sea, such as snorkeling, diving, wind-surfing and kyte-surfing but also relaxation. Golden or white beaches fringed with coconut palms and banana trees, coral reefs where you can see colorful fish, or relax with a cocktail in an exclusive resort, or, even better, on the catamaran anchored in front of the villa of a famous rock star.
For the ultimate in comfort, you can choose the top of the range package, luxury crewed catamaran. You will be welcomed by the friendly and efficient local staff who will put at your exclusive disposal a latest generation catamaran (with 4 or 6 cabins), with the complete crew made up of professional skippers, one or two hostesses and even the cook on board. The itinerary will be prepared by mutual agreement and the skipper will also introduce you to less known places. Get ready for an unforgettable cruise: many areas of these islands are still wild and protected from a naturalistic point of view. Small bays and inlets in Matinica, surrounded by the lush green of the vegetation. Swim and meet the giant turtles and then stop on the deserted beach for a barbecue of freshly caught marlin. Stroll through the narrow streets of Kingstown, in Saint Vincent, discover the rum workshops and then celebrate with music in the square. Or go into the tropical forests or climb the peaks: the spectacular treks to the various volcanoes, among fields of almond and banana trees and steep waterfalls. And then a lot of local color, the flavor of Creole cuisine, the engaging music of their traditional instruments. And if you want to relax, nothing better than a sunset on a boat, with an aperitif and maybe a book. Windward Islands by catamaran is all this and much more, it's just a matter of choosing the starting island among the many described on our site, and savoring with your mind the day that will arrive.