Sailboat Rental



If you want to experience the sea in close contact with nature and away from the crowd of the beaches, renting a sailboat for your holidays is the perfect solution: it allows you to find both your holiday home and your eco-friendly means of transport in one solution.


When you rent a sailboat, choosing the right destination is crucial for a successful holiday. First of all, the weather during the season you want to sail must be suitable. Experience also affects the choice, and remember that if you want to sail in tourist locations during very crowded periods, your skills will be put even more to the test.

These are some of the most popular destinations for renting a sailboat.

Sailboat Rental Greece

sailboat rental Greece

The Cyclades, Ionians, Sporades, each archipelago has its own natural wonders, picturesque villages, enchanting beaches, and steady winds for sailing.

Sailboat Rental Croatia

sailboat rental Croatia

The Croatian Adriatic Sea is a paradise for sailors, with remote islands, historic towns, and crystal-clear waters.

Sailboat Rental Italy

sailboat rental Italy

Choices abound from the Tuscan Archipelago to the Amalfi Coast, not to mention the major islands of Sardinia and Sicily to the smaller ones of the Aeolian or Egadi Islands.

Sailboat Rental Caribbean

sailboat rental Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are perfect for sailing in a warm area when it is winter in Europe.

Sailboat Rental Corsica

sailboat rental Corsica

Sailing around Corsica offers a spectacular view of its rocky coasts, golden beaches, and green hills, blending adventure and tranquility in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Sailboat Rental Balearic

sailboat rental Balearic

Sailing in Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera is a delightful experience, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean with its crystal-clear waters, idyllic beaches, and breathtaking sunsets.


A sailboat is a vessel designed to harness the wind as its primary means of propulsion. Sailboats can vary in size and design, but there are some fundamental components typical to all that cannot be missing.

what makes up a sailboat
  • Hull: the main body of the boat, which floats on the water. They can come in different shapes, but are designed to provide stability and buoyancy.
  • Keel: a vertical appendage under the hull that affects stability and prevents the boat from capsizing.
  • Mast: a vertical structure mounted on the hull to support the sail.
  • Sail: the main part of the propulsion system, it can be of different types and shapes to make the most of varying winds.
  • Rudder: a blade located at the rear of the boat, connected to a shaft or a wheel, which allows controlling the boat's direction.


There are many shipyards that build excellent quality boats. To find the best one, you need to start from your personal preferences, navigation needs, and available budget. Here are some of the most popular sailboat brands often chosen for rental:

  • Beneteau: is a renowned French brand known for its high-quality and versatile sailboats. They offer models suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Jeanneau: another French brand that produces successful sailboats, with a wide range of sizes and styles.
  • Bavaria: originating from Germany, boats from this brand are known for their modern and comfortable design.

Beneteau Oceanis 55

  • Dimensions: 16.78m x 4.96m
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Cabins: 4 + 1

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 4500 €
  • per day starting from 850 €

Jeanneau Yachts 60

  • Dimensions: 18.28m x 5.2m
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Cabins: 4 + 1

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 6900 €
  • per day starting from 1000 €

Bavaria 57

  • Dimensions: 16.16m x 5.28m
  • Capacity: 11 people
  • Cabins: 5 + 1

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 3500 €
  • per day starting from 750 €


Regardless of the country of manufacture, there are boats easy to maneuver, boats fast in the wind, boats with comfortable living spaces. The best boat model to rent will depend on your specific needs.

  • Dufour: another French shipyard that offers high-quality sailing boats with elegant design.
  • Hanse: these boats are known for their performance and attention to detail.
  • Cantiere del Pardo: renowned Italian shipyard based in Forlì. Their Grand Soleil are known for their elegant design, exceptional performance, and comfort on board.

Grand Soleil GS 40

  • Dimensions: 11.9m x 4.07m
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Cabins: 3

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 4200 €
  • per day starting from 600 €

Dufour 530

  • Dimensions: 16.35m x 4.99m
  • Capacity: 12 people
  • Cabins: 6

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 4850 €
  • per day starting from 730 €

Hanse 460

  • Dimensions: 14.6m x 4.79m
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Cabins: 4

Available for rental

Mediterranean Caribbean Seychelles Thailand

Rental price:

  • per week starting from 3150 €
  • per day starting from 650 €


The activities you can engage in when renting a boat for your vacation largely depend on your desires and the spirit of the group sailing with you.

Snorkeling from the sailboat
  • Sailing is a fundamental part of the experience; even beginners can start to learn and help those in command.
  • Sea life includes diving, snorkeling, swimming, beach walks. Thanks to the boat, you can also explore coasts and coves that are unreachable by land.
  • If you love fishing, bring your gear: catching fresh fish for dinner is highly rewarding.
  • When you decide to go ashore, excursions, shopping, and typical restaurants await you.


Depending on your needs, you might require different types of rentals. These are the most common.

Sailboat Charter

If you choose the bareboat formula, you will be the captain and responsible for the boat throughout the rental period. Bareboat chartering offers great freedom and autonomy and is an ideal option for experienced sailors or groups who want an independent sailing experience.

Sailboat Rental with Skipper

Despite a higher cost, renting with a skipper has its advantages. You can enjoy your vacation without worries, as there will be someone responsible for the safety and steering of the boat. Skippers often know the local waters well and can show you secluded bays or suggest trips and typical restaurants. If you're learning to sail, you can also take advantage of their experience to improve.

Luxury Sailboat Rentals

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, there are luxury yacht charter options complete with crew, offering first-class services. These experiences are perfect for special occasions or for those who want to live an unforgettable vacation.


When you contact a rental company, you will receive detailed information about the requirements and necessary documents, which can vary depending on the location and company. In general, you can expect to be asked for the following.

what you need to rent a sailboat
  • Boating license: a boating license or an equivalent qualification that demonstrates your competency in navigation and boat handling is almost always required. Make sure yours is valid.
  • Experience: even if you have a boating license, many rental companies require a certain level of sailing experience. You may be asked to provide a sailing resume.
  • Security deposit: many rental companies require a security deposit that is blocked on your credit card. This deposit is to cover any potential damages or unexpected expenses and will be refunded at the end of the rental if there are no issues.
  • Rental contract: you will need to read and sign a rental contract that establishes the terms of the agreement, including payment terms, restrictions, liabilities, and other important provisions.
  • Identification documents: valid identification documents for all crew members will be required in the country of navigation.


The cost of renting a sailboat depends on many factors, such as:

  • Size and type of boat: larger and more luxurious boats tend to have higher rates. For example, renting a small sailboat for a day may cost a few hundred euros, while a cruise on a luxury sailboat can exceed several thousand euros per day.
  • Destination: if you choose a highly sought-after or exclusive destination, rates can be higher.
  • Season: costs tend to be higher during the tourist season, while you might get more affordable rates off-season.
  • Crew:if you choose to rent a boat with a crew, you'll need to account for additional costs for a skipper, hostess, or chef.
  • Fuel, ports, and additional expenses: in most cases, these are paid separately and will depend on your vacation style.

To get accurate information, it's important to ask for personalized quotes.

  • The rental cost of a small sailboat (30-40 feet) for a week can vary between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, depending on the destination and season.
  • Renting a medium-sized boat (40-50 feet) can cost from 3,000 to 8,000 euros or more per week, depending on specifications and amenities.
  • For luxury sailboats (50+ feet) weekly costs can exceed 15,000 euros and increase based on size and onboard services.
  • The costs for a weekend rental can vary from 1,500 to 3,500 euros for a boat (35-45 feet)
  • The price for one day ranges from 800 to 3,000 euros for a medium-sized boat, or a luxury boat.
  • For a medium-sized sailboat, the weekly cost with a skipper can vary from about 1,400 to 2,000 euros or more, depending on the circumstances.


The choice between renting a sailboat or a catamaran mainly depends on the style of vacation you prefer and how you like to sail. Here are the strengths of each model.


  • Maneuverability: Sailboats are more agile and responsive than catamarans, making them ideal for experienced sailors seeking more dynamic sailing.
  • Traditional experience: If you want a true traditional sailing experience, a monohull sailboat offers a more authentic feel.
  • Price: Generally, renting a sailboat is less expensive than renting a catamaran of the same level of comfort and size.


  • Stability: Catamarans offer greater stability and space on board due to their dual hull, making them ideal for families or groups of friends.
  • Comfort: Catamarans are often equipped with large spaces, separate cabins, and lounge areas, making life on board more comfortable.
  • Performance: Catamarans are faster under motor and can navigate shallower waters than traditional sailboats.

A sailboat moves primarily by utilizing the force of the wind to generate thrust and move across the water. Although it may seem counterintuitive, a sailboat can also sail "upwind": by choosing the correct angle of incidence, the aerodynamic shape of the sails allows creating propulsive thrust with the same principle that allows airplanes to fly.

Rental sailboats are also equipped with a motor, essential for entering and exiting ports and very useful in case of weak or absent wind.

When you rent a sailboat for a vacation, the spaces depend a lot on the size of the vessel you choose. On deck, that is outdoors, there are spaces for maneuvers and the cockpit, where there is often a comfortable table for lunches and dinners outdoors. It will be at the bow where you'll find space for relaxation and sunbathing.

Below deck you will find: a space with navigation instruments reserved for the captain, a kitchen equipped with everything you need to prepare your favorite dishes, cabins, and bathrooms. It's true that every inch of space on a boat is important and must be maximized, but you'll discover ingenious solutions everywhere to live your vacation in complete comfort.

The benefits of renting a sailboat are clear if you love the sea and adventure. First, you'll have the freedom to explore enchanting destinations following your personalized itinerary. The pace of the holiday will be tailored to your desires: calm and relaxing if you need rest, sporty and lively if you want to spend active days. Additionally, contact with nature will push away worries and stress, helping you reconnect with yourself. Renting a sailboat also means having a space all to yourself, to share special moments with family or friends.


Behind the brand ItalyCharter, you'll find knowledgeable, sea-loving people ready to give you the best advice for your sailboat vacation, from choosing the right boat, to information on the route, to completing all the rental documents.

You'll have access to rental boats in Italy and around the world, thanks to a wide network of trusted contacts, built over many years of activity. The staff's experience will also be useful in searching for any additional services or for assistance during your vacation. Whether you're an experienced sailor or an enthusiastic beginner, sailing offers a world of discoveries and adventures. Fair winds!


Renting a sailboat is an exciting experience, but requires careful planning and consideration of some important tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. Here are some fundamental tips for sailboat rental.

  • 1. Plan your vacation in advance. Choose the destination, travel dates, and book the boat well in advance, especially during the high season.
  • 2. Make sure you have the necessary skills to safely sail a boat in the area you have chosen.
  • 3. If you're not confident in your sailing abilities, consider renting a boat with a professional skipper who can guide you and take care of navigation.
  • 4. Ensure you have all the necessary documents for navigation and that they are still valid.
  • 5. Take out adequate boat insurance and consider buying extra coverage for medical emergencies or other unforeseen situations.
  • 6. Choose a boat that suits your needs and your level of experience. Consider the number of people onboard, equipment, and comfort.
  • 7. Upon arrival, conduct a detailed check-in with the rental company to verify the condition of the boat and equipment. Make sure you know how all the systems on board work.
  • 8. Before leaving check the weather conditions and the marine bulletin. Always follow safety rules at sea, including the use of life jackets and communication with port authorities.
  • 9. Make sure you have reliable means of communication on board, such as VHF radios or satellite phones, for emergencies or to keep in touch with the authorities.
  • 10. Plan your stops and destinations in advance. Look up information about the characteristics of harbors, bays, and beaches where you intend to anchor and spend time.