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  Madagascar catamaran

Catamaran cruise in Madascar: an exclusive and uncontaminated place for an exciting holiday in a special nature made of beautiful sea, unique plants and flowers, exotic animals. This huge island-state, about twice the size of Italy, is a fantastic tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna, enchanting landscapes and the friendly welcome of the locals. A Madagascar catamaran holiday allows you to combine the visit of the country, with its cities, parks, forests, with a sailing cruise in the north-western part. The starting point is Nosy Be, a small island with a tourist vocation, a few miles from the coast of the main land which can be reached by internal flight from the capital Antananarivo as it has a small airport. Nosy Be is set in a spectacular succession of bays and headlands, beaches and coral reefs, which will not make you regret the Caribbean scenery. Madagascar charter operators, attentive and professional, offer from Hell Ville catamarans of different sizes from the best shipyards: Lagoon and Fountain Pajot. Each boat has a minimum of 4 very comfortable cabins with private bathrooms and a large space on deck and in the dinette. You can choose a bare-boat catamaran rental, obviously after verifying your nautical credentials, or with a slight surcharge, have a professional skipper on board and even hostess and cook. The most important village of Nosy Be is Hell Ville, and from here we set sail to sail to idyllic places: very long beaches of infinite whiteness, often deserted. The most beautiful are Andilana and Ambatoloaka. The island is easily circumnavigated thanks to its small size, and is full of bays and inlets where you can drop anchor and bathe in incredibly colored waters. If you want more structured activities, dives with instructors are also organized to explore the incredible seabed made of unique marine vegetation, corals, starfish and variegated fish fauna. In the vicinity of Hell Ville stands the integral protected reserve of Loboké: it is a spectacle to enter with the guide, respecting the strict regulations respectful of nature, to observe and discover the colors of a very varied and magical flora, and the presence of many endemic species present only in this area; one for all the lemur Macaque small lively ring-tailed primate. And then the panther chameleon, the satanic gecko, the giraffe beetle ... The nautical cruise continues towards the coast, exploring the small and wild islets of Nosy Comba and Isla Faly, and then sailing along the shoreline at the huge Anbanja and Ambaro Bay. fringed with mangroves and baobabs. During one or two weeks, you will enjoy the exclusive beauty of an enchanted place, certainly touristy but still not discovered by the crowd. You will sail on luxurious boats, suitable for families, friends, honeymooners, but also for savvy sailors who wish to travel miles upon miles in unknown waters. The Madagascar holiday does not end with the cruise, as you can take advantage of the time left to visit the capital Antananarivo, with its historic buildings on top of the hill, and the fantastic national parks, each of which offers different landscapes: from forests to spectacular geological concretions, to large lakes.