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  Grenadines by Sailboat

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on a sailing boat is a dream vacation. The paradise of every sailor and every lover of the sea. The cruise has its starting point in Blue Lagoon, the best tourist port of S.Vincent, the largest island of the archipelago. The marina has water and electricity for all moorings, showers, laundry, a bar and a supermarket. It is located in a bay very popular with boaters, where you can anchor in the turquoise sea surrounded by the lush vegetation of the picturesque Young Island. The navigation of the Grenadines is spectacular: driven by the constant warm trade winds, the sea quite calm, the climate from warm to warm. The best season is the dry one which runs from mid-November to mid-April, while the period from July to October is to be avoided when tropical hurricanes are unleashed. What are the most emblematic places for the Grenadines sailing cruise? S.Vincent has many bays on the west coast where you can anchor to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful waters. Petit Bayhout and Buccament Bay, two small and sheltered coves next to each other. Barrouallie, with the picturesque fishing village and outcropping rocks called Bottle and Glass. Cumberland Bay, a quiet little bay surrounded by coconut and banana trees. From Blue Lagoon, we can then set out to discover the islands of the Grenadines archipelago. Bequia is the largest island, characterized by long golden beaches. You can moor in Port Elizabeth in Admirality Bay or anchor in the bays to the east of the island, enchanted places that are still alien to mass tourism. Then Canouan with the vast bay with calm waters and a breathtaking landscape. And yet the sophisticated Mustique, a semi-private land where rock stars have their mansions, the marine park of the 5 Tobago Cays, the wild Mayreau. Grenadines on a yacht is all this and more: adventure, navigation, music and Creole cuisine. Local festivals, crafts and excursions to the virgin forest. Choose Grenadine boat rental, it will be an unforgettable experience!

  Grenadines | Boat and shore excursions

It might seem superfluous to specify things to do on the islands when the beauty of the marine places speaks for itself. However, discovering the activities and local culture add value that makes the Grenadine boat cruise unforgettable. Not just sailing by boat or catamaran therefore: the Blue Lagoon marina offers dinghy and kayak rental to face the sea in an alternative way. During the stops in the various bays with your catamaran or charter boat, you can swim and snorkel (in Tobago Cays and Canouan near the reef). For kite surfing you can go to Clifton Harbor on Union Island. In Saint Vincent you can spot sea turtles and schools of tuna jumping from the water in the most uninhabited bays in the north of the island. Let's not forget the trekking: the vast tropical forests and the La Soufriére volcano offer many possibilities for guided tours immersed in the dark green of the vegetation and the colorful ornithological fauna. The visit to the capital Kingstown is very interesting: the fish market, the rum shops, the mix of colonial and Creole architecture. The city has the beautiful nineteenth-century cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption and is dominated from above by Fort Charlotte built in the same century for defensive functions, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the bay. Local craftsmanship has been able to maintain the traditions linked to the processing of local products: coconuts to make containers and ornaments, intertwined palm leaves that become hats and bags. We can buy excellent rum, spices (nutmeg) and dried bananas. And if you want to enjoy it in relaxation, what could be better than a cocktail on one of the wonderful beaches of Canoaun or Bequia or in a chic resort on Union Island? The Grenadine yacht holiday is all this and more! Choose the St. Vincent and the Grenadines boat rental from our trusted operators or contact ItalyCharter by phone or email, we will give you our advice for an ideal cruise.