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  Catamaran charter Greece: the best destinations

For a dream catamaran vacation, the most famous and popular area of ​​the Greek sea are the Cyclades Islands, in the center of the Aegean. A succession of extraordinary natural beauties, crystal clear sea, white beaches inside coves, infinite places to dive and snorkel. The characteristic Greek villages with whitewashed houses with blue roofs to reflect the color of the sky. Paros the largest, the green Naxos crowned by beautiful beaches, the nightlife of Ios and Mykonos, up to the suggestive and romantic Santorini, formed around the volcano's caldera, which exploded in a tremendous explosion 3500 years ago. Around the most touristic, a range of equally beautiful but more secluded islands, to be discovered by catamaran day after day: Kea, Sitnos, Serifos, Milos, and many others

The Dodecanese is another area of ​​magical beauty, the 12 largest islands are arranged in a north-south direction near the Turkish coast. A mix of natural beauty and liveliness, although slightly quieter than the Cyclades. From Patmos, the mythical place of the Apocalypse of St. John, to Kalymnos and Leros, rocky and barren, to Ios with its beaches and clubs. Up to the volcanic Nysiros and then Rhodes, with the old world heritage city and an island to be discovered: to the south is a succession of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters.

For a more relaxed and peaceful catamaran vacation there are the Saronic islands in the homonymous gulf, facing Athens, to combine art, history and a crystal clear sea. Furthermore, the sheltered position limits the presence of the Melteni wind, which in summer can be sustained in the Cyclades.

Or the Sporades, further north, with green vegetation, unlike the barren Aegean islands. Here you will find great inspiration for catamaran sailing, especially in the Alonissos marine park, one of the largest in the Mediterranean.

Finally the Ionian islands: another sea, overlooking Italy, but the same guarantee of beauty, perfect sea, adequate wind for sailing and sailing and many islands to discover: the historic Corfu, Lefkada with its beaches, the mythical places of the Odyssey in Ithaca, to then reach the wild Cefalona in the south and then Zakynthos to see the reproduction of the giant turtles.

  Vacation in Greece on a luxury catamaran

If you want maximum comfort and luxury, you can opt for a luxury catamaran vacation. The option consists of a catamaran of considerable size, with all the crew at your service: not only professional skipper but also crew on board with one or more hostesses, depending on the size. Breakfasts, aperitifs, drinks and lunches on the catamaran, but also a series of collateral activities: SUP, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and diving. In some luxury catamarans there are also air conditioning, solar panel generator and fly bridge. On the ItalyCharter website all the best proposals for luxury sailing and motor catamarans and the marinas to start from!

  Cabin charter or private catamaran

For a holiday in Greece in freedom and without worry, our operators offer cabin charter formulas: we only rent the cabin of the catamaran with skipper. Whether you are a couple or singles or friends and even a family, it is the best option to visit the Greek seas in peace and have all the services available. The catamaran for its size offers much more space than the monohull boat, therefore a comfortable holiday with more people on board is possible. There is also the possibility of opting for the luxury service, with a complete crew with hostess on board.

If you prefer autonomous management, you can rent the catamaran exclusively to sail wherever you want in perfect freedom. Choose the route, explore remote islands, anchor in a lonely bay for a swim in the crystal clear water. Then moor, visit the village, go up to the monastery and then end the evening in an excellent fish restaurant and local specialties. This is Greece! Check the site to search among the hundreds of options, the one that meets your needs, or do not hesitate to call us!