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  Puerto Rico boat rental

Puerto Rico: one of the least considered destinations in the Caribbean for a sailing holiday instead offers the possibility of a beautiful holiday, not surprisingly it has been baptized the Isla de Los Incantos. The island, clearly rectangular in shape and about twice the size of Elba, is home to just over three million Puerto Ricans who, since 1917, are also US citizens. In fact, Puerto Rico, a Spanish colony since the 1500s, was invaded and held by the USA as a result of the Spanish-American war. Right from the start the US administration decided to make it an unincorporated territory (similar to the US Virgin Islands). This means that it has its own autonomous government and is not directly dependent on Congress and the US President (for example citizens do not vote in elections). The political situation, however, has always been fluctuating between those who wanted a certain degree of independence and those who wanted official entry into the United States. A recent referendum has finally sanctioned the victory of the unionists, with the result that the formal process for becoming the 51st US state has begun. A cruise to Puerto Rico on a sailing boat means combining marine beauties with the richness of an island that has seen alternating peoples and historical events. The marine and coastal landscape is in tune with the rest of the Caribbean: crystal clear sea, golden beaches, diving and snorkeling opportunities, tourist resorts and an offer of bars and restaurants. Life on land is equally interesting: the historic center of the capital San Juan is a Unesco heritage site, characterized by colorful houses, cobbled streets, the kaleidoscope of flowers and plants. There are museums and parks (El Yunque National Park, a few kilometers from the capital), shops for shopping (liquors, local crafts, fabrics), and an excellent local nightlife. If you choose Puerto Rico sailboat charter, your home base is the Fajardo yacht marina, one of the island's most important nautical centers, approximately 45 minutes from San Juan International Airport. It is a marina located at the eastern end, equipped with all the services for the boat, and an ideal starting point to reach the most beautiful destinations in Puerto Rico. The beautiful and quiet sandy beaches of Playa Colora and Playa Escondida, the marine resort of Seven Seas Beach, where you can do water sports and fishing, or if you prefer to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, the Las Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve. And if you want to face the open sea, and how not to do it in these scenarios, you will sail for just over 10 miles passing the Strait of the Virgins to reach the island of Vieques, used in the past as a US military base. Now, after reclamation (some areas are still off-limits), it preserves some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean in the eastern part. From Fajardo with 15 miles east route instead you will meet the small Culebra, the last island before the Virgin Islands. A true unspoiled tropical paradise, with the famous Flamingo Beach. Puerto Rico sailing boat, an alternative cruise, to experience unique scenarios and get to know a country suspended between ancient history and modernity.