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  Grenada yacht charter

The small island of Grenada (20km long) is an epitome of all that is beautiful in the Caribbean, but in a far-off dimension to big tourism. Nature, pristine sea, dream beaches and many interesting activities. It is ideal for the boat cruise lover: you will find the proposals of our Grenada sailing charters based in St. Georges, the capital of this independent state of just over 100 thousand inhabitants.
Grenada was discovered by Columbus and baptized Concepción in 1498. After the arrival of the Spaniards who gave it its current name, it was forcibly conquered by the French, who massacred the indigenous population of the Caribs, many of whom preferred to commit suicide by jumping off the cliffs rather than to be dominated in their own land. It was Cardinal Richelieu himself who wanted the Fort Royal, still visible today in the capital (renamed Fort St. George by the British). In fact, the British took over control in the eighteenth century by developing the island's resources: the dramatic exploitation of slavery, sugar and cocoa. Especially this product reached unthinkable levels at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the world record in exports. The Grenada and Grenadines Islands boat cruise starts from the capital St. Georges which is built around the beautiful horseshoe-shaped marina Carenage. There are two marinas: the casual Grenada Yacht Club and the new luxurious Port Louis. The city unfolds around it and is worth a visit to savor its Caribbean flavor. The narrow streets uphill with picturesque houses that shine in contrast with the dark green of the vegetation. The roofs have those red tiles of various shapes that came with ships, used as ballast. Three historical forts testifying to the past and the beautiful National Museum of local history and folklore. But there are also bars, cafes, restaurants, workshops that distill rum as it once was. And don't forget to buy local spices, products of which Grenada was proud: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves that thrive in the fertile hinterland and have been sold for centuries in the markets of the cities.
The naturalistic beauties of the island are concentrated in the southeast: a short distance from the capital, the long golden beach of Grand Anse Beach, voted one of the most beautiful on the planet! The south coast of Grenada is a spectacular succession of deep inlets and small bays, some with a marina, others with shallow waters that are excellent for anchoring. True Blue, Prickly Bay, Mount Hartman, Clarkes Court, heavenly places to discover day by day to enjoy the landscape, crystal clear waters, swim or snorkel. Mt Hartman Bay, a delightful bay with a reef for excellent diving or snorkeling, is crowned by mangroves and coconut palms. Inside, protected in the deep inlet, Secret Harbor, the second marina on the island, to moor and visit the village. The north part of the island is wilder: the landscape is mountainous, with the Mt St. Catherine volcano and other peaks and the coasts become more inaccessible with few, but splendid, remote anchor points (Sauters Bay and Levera Bay) and quiet, away from tourism.
But the Grenada boat rental is also an ideal starting point for visiting the Grenadines Islands: north-east route then to explore that stretch of sea (about 60 miles) that separates it from St. Vincent, dotted with dream islands. Diamond Island, Caicou, Union Island, Bequia .. and many others. Exclusive and uncontaminated places, wonderful sea and green nature. For an unforgettable cruise, choose our Grenada sailboat operators or call us to find out more!