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Boat rental in Tremiti . The Tremiti Islands are about 12 nautical miles from the Gargano coast and is the only archipelago in the Adriatic. Rocky and inhospitable, however, they are rich in history and constitute an excellent destination for boat navigation, for the quality of the waters (the islands are part of a Marine Protected Area) and the absence of mass tourism. The main island is San Domino, surrounded not far from San Nicola and Capraia, while Pianosa about 12 miles is not accessible.

Boat rental in Rodi Garganico . The Gargano Promontory offers a unique scenario: the so-called Sperone d'Italia is covered by woods and vegetation (included in the National Park) and descends on the coast forming spectacular limestone cliffs, dotted with caves, some sandy beaches and suggestive seaside villages. The starting point further north is Rodi Garganico, a beautiful village surrounded by a lush vegetation of citrus groves, olive trees and pines and bordered by 4 km of beaches. The sea around has recently received three sails from the Green Schooner. Rhodes is also the starting marina to reach the Tremiti Islands. Following the promontory you reach the most important city, Vieste, whose picturesque historical helmet perched on a spur of rock is dominated by the Swabian Castle wanted by Federico II.

Boat rental Bari . The Apulian capital is not only a lively large city full of charm (the suggestive Bari Vecchia, the Cathedral of San Nicola, the Fiera del Levante), but it is the starting point for a boat holiday that includes the historic ports of Molfetta and Trani and further south, Polignano. This village rises sheer above a blue sea protected by a very white cliff that takes on magical colors at sunset.

Brindisi boat rental . Brindisi is an important city, well connected (train, airport) which can be the starting point for a boat holiday that includes the coast, low and sandy and the suggestive villages of the hinterland (Ostuni, the 'white city' and Alberobello with the his trulli).

Otranto boat rental . Otranto is a city that evokes history in every corner: first an area populated by the Messapi, then by the Greeks and Romans. The medieval center preserves the Norman cathedral and the massive Aragonese castle. At 3 miles south of the port we find Capo d'Otranto, which is believed to be the border between the Adriatic and Ionian seas: the suggestive coast here is dotted with watchtowers, caves and ravines. Sailing north we meet the sandy bay of Torre dell'Orso and then we can get to San Foca, a seaside village with a beautiful equipped port in the middle of the cliffs. If you are passionate about art, don't miss a visit to Lecce, the pearl of the Baroque, inland but only 46 km away.


Boat rental Santa Maria di Leuca . The tip of the heel, Leuca is the ideal border between the Adriatic and the Ionian. The town between Punta Ristola and Punta Meliso, can boast a long strip of sand considered among the most beautiful in Puglia. The modern marina of Marina di Leuca, inside a breakwater built in the 80s, allows an excellent shelter even in case of strong winds. The structure with 1000 meters of pontoons also offers boaters all high quality services: our charters have sailing boats, motor boats and catamarans available from the best shipyards. The area allows not only sea life and beaches, but also art visits, in a mythical place. According to legend, Aeneas landed here fleeing from Troy and was also the land of St. Peter's passage from the Holy Land. A visit to the center includes the Basilica of Santa Maria de finibus terrae, a walk along the nineteenth-century villas and you can reach the Leuca lighthouse, on Punta Meliso at 100 meters above sea level. The starting point of the boat rental in Santa Maria di Leuca allows navigation to the Adriatic coast or the Ionian coast. In the first case it is a purely rocky coast, with white cliffs and some suggestive caves (Zinzulusa the most famous), interspersed with small inlets. Different docks and marinas: Tricase, Miggiano, Castro Marina and Porto Badisco; after about 25 nautical miles we meet Otranto. The other option is the Ionian coast: here the coast is low with the presence of long beaches and you can reach Gallipoli about 30 miles.

Gallipoli boat rental . Rent a boat in the suggestive Gallipoli to have a starting point for excursions in a splendid sea and navigate to Leuca or Taranto. Old Gallipoli stands on a limestone islet protected by medieval walls, connected to the mainland by a 17th century masonry bridge. Today Gallipoli is the center of nightlife, with a series of trendy clubs and restaurants. If you want peace of mind you just have to sail with your boat! In front of the city, the islet of S.Andrea, completely flat with a lighthouse in the center. South-east route to meet the beautiful Bay of Gallipoli close to the city. From here the coast is mixed, rocky and sandy, but up to Santa Maria di Leuca there is only the landing of Torre San Giovanni. In the north-west direction, instead, you will find modern Gallipoli, with 4 tourist ports, and then continue along S.Caterina di Nardò and finally Porto Cesareo, inside a Marine Protected Area, with a modern and equipped dock. The area around is of an impressive beauty: the Strea peninsula forms a suggestive lagoon, exit from which the vegetation, the rocks, the turquoise sea are the masters, with the Island of Rabbits in front of it.

Boat rental Taranto : the city of the two seas, because it extends between the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo. At the former, a colony of dolphins lives around the Cheradi Islands. Taranto, a city founded by the Greeks, was the only Spartan colony of Magna Grecia. It therefore boasts a millennial history and seafaring vocation, so much so as to have a renowned Maritime Arsenal of the Italian Navy. Renting boats in Taranto allows you to navigate south-east, to the Porto Cesareo Protected Area, or follow the wide curve of the Gulf of Taranto along the low sandy coast to reach and moor in Policoro, in a scenario of light wind and clear sea.