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  North Adriatic Yacht Charter | Itineraries by boat

Chioggia is an excellent starting point for exploring both the lagoon, up to Venice, and the Po Delta south route. Our charter operators offer many possibilities: sailboats, motorboats and catamarans in a marina modern and equipped. There are two docks available and all services for boaters. Chioggia is called the little Venice, a tasty taste of the real one, with alleys, fields, canals, bridges and suggestive pastel-colored base houses. To the south, the coast is fairly linear, but once you pass the mouth of the Adige, the delta area begins, a naturalistic paradise (the Po Park is the largest protected wetland area in our country, today divided into two parks Regionals of Veneto and Emilia Romagna). The thousand-year-old sediments of the river have formed a series of strips of land where the branches flow, forming a barrier to the sea and creating a vast lagoon area. Entering these inland waters you can explore the main arms, the Po di Levante and the Po della Maestra in the northern section, Po di Maistra, Po di Venezia and Po della Donzella in the south. They are natural areas of a unique suggestion, wild and brackish, with the presence of a rich heritage of flora (a thousand species) and fauna (fish, molluscs, mammals and birds). Furthermore, the presence of many small ports gives the opportunity to stop and shelter and makes navigation by boat safer: for example, entering from the Po di Levante we meet 4 marinas, Albarella, Porto Levante, Marina di Porto Levante and Marina Nuova. But each arm has countless landings and harbors.
Chioggia is also the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon, closed to the sea by the very narrow and elongated islands of Pellestrina and Lido di Venezia. North route to visit this unique area in the world with your boat or catamaran! We have the alternative whether to go by the open sea or inside the lagoon: both options are suggestive, remember that the beaches are obviously facing outwards. Pellestrina, 13 km long and narrow a few hundred meters, more rural and authentic, where Lido is touristy and glamorous. However, the first does not have direct landings, but it is necessary to moor at the Port of Malamocco located between the two islands. A warning for navigation in the lagoon: since the seabed is very shallow, these are intersected by dug canals, a sort of lagoon highway and it is therefore mandatory to follow these paths marked by poles.
We are finally in the mythical Venice, a dream that comes true. You enter from the northern tip of the Lido of Venice, in the opening between this island and Punta Sabbioni. Venice has the shape of a fish, with the tail facing east: it is in this area that there are several marinas. Getting there with your rented boat is truly magical, but be careful because the area is one of the busiest in the world. (It is preferable to moor in a nearby marina and then use the vaporetto or taxi-boat). The beautiful places surrounding Venice which are part of the lagoon are slightly quieter: Murano and its glassworks can be reached by boaters, while for the other unmissable places you must use local transport: Burano with its colorful houses, Torcello with the medieval religious complex stopped in time, in silence and solitude. Continuing our itinerary towards the east, the external coast takes on a more traditional conformation. At the end of the Lido of Venice, a long sandy coast begins, overlooked by the renowned and lively seaside resorts of Cavallino, Lido di Jesolo and Caorle. The latter has a marina (Darsena dell'Orologio) with 480 seats, equipped with all services. It can also be an excellent starting point for your catamaran or boat holiday, being very close to Venice, the Lagoon and also to Trieste and Istria.
Towards the east we meet Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro (with two large marinas), with sandy beaches and a notable summer tourist influx, before arriving at the Marano Lagoon, also a very beautiful area with typical flora and fauna, but less known. of the Venetian lagoon. There are some landings for the boat to be able to visit it comfortably. At the end of the lagoon is Grado, nicknamed Isola del Sole: an ancient Lombard center (two basilicas from the sixth century), today it is renowned for its beaches and its spas. There are also 5 small ports where you can moor if you are arriving; you can also use Grado as a home base as there are charter operators offering top of the range sailing and motor boats.
Finally Trieste, the last strip of Italian land to the east, a bridge to the east, a Central European pearl. The suggestive city has a strong seafaring vocation: the countless ports, the great Italian sailors who have made history and the extraordinary Barcolana, the largest competitive regatta in the world open to every boat that takes place in the suggestive gulf every year in October. At the marina of S.Rocco our operators have excellent cruisers for a perfect holiday, to navigate freely between Trieste, Venice and Istria.
A possible alternative to the aforementioned places can be to rent a boat, yacht or catamaran in Rimini: the well-known Romagna resort is the center of seaside fun, with the long beaches of the Riviera, clubs, discos, events, restaurants. You can base yourself here to sail along the lively coast and the famous towns of Cesenatico, Cervia, Marina di Ravenna, Lido di Spina and reach the Po Delta after about 45 nautical miles, an area with a decidedly rural and naturalistic vocation.

  Adriatic boat rental | Itineraries in Istria

The boat rental in the north Adriatic allows not only to sail to the beautiful places of the Lagoon, Venice, and the Italian coast to Trieste, but also to make excursions to the nearby Istrian peninsula. To give an example of the distances, starting from Trieste it is a few miles, from Caorle about 30 miles to Portoroz, instead from Venice just over 50 to reach the Slovenian port. Istria is Slovenian territory in the northern part, for about 20 km of coastline and then develops in Croatia for its entire extension. A beautiful coast, ideal for sailing with a motor boat or catamaran, even a sailboat, very indented and full of bays and inlets with many marinas where you can moor and stop for a visit. The sea is crystal clear, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The main centers of Slovenia are Izola and Portoroz, with two beautiful modern and equipped marinas. Heading south after the border with Croatia, we meet following the Umag-Umago coast and the beautiful Porec-Parenzo, with many km of beaches and the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia by the sea, a World Heritage Site. Continuing the coast, we find the most fascinating city: Rovinj-Rovigno, a citadel with white stones and red houses suspended in the middle of the sea. We can reach the capital, Pola, at the extreme south of the peninsula: an ancient city of Roman origin with a wonderful intact amphitheater. Today a lively center with clubs, shops, entertainment and a beautiful port. A sailing holiday in the northern Adriatic could also include, with time available, the islands of Kvarner: they are close to the coast in the protected side of the great triangle that is Istria. Here the landscape becomes very lush, dark green alternating with white rocks and beaches. The islands are very close together and allow safe and sheltered navigation. The most famous are Cres, Krk and Lošinj.

  North Adriatic boats | Adriatic sailing charter

Our charters in the north Adriatic offer a range of boats for every need and level of experience. There are day-charters by rubber dinghy, without the need for a boat license, ideal for excursions in the lagoon or around Venice. You can opt for a motor boat, or motor yacht: different sizes, from the most agile motorboats to large motor boats equipped with several cabins for an itinerant holiday. Typically for one or two weeks you can sail the whole coast from Chioggia to Trieste and also travel along the Istrian coast. If you are a sailing lover, there are many possibilities for monohull cruisers, classic sailboats from top brands such as Bavaria, Benetau, Jeanneau and many others, or catamarans. The northern Adriatic area is a sailing paradise: good weather from April to October, nautical tradition (Trieste is one of the most important Italian sailing centers), excellent equipped marinas. All boats and catamarans can be rented with the bareboat formula, if you have a nautical license. Otherwise there is the possibility of requesting the skipper and, in case you want a luxury super-yacht, you don't have to worry about anything: there will be a complete crew at your disposal, including two hostesses who will organize life on board and serve cocktails and dinners. . Professional operators will also offer side activities such as water sports, tastings, guided art tours, yoga and meditation.