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  Seychelles sailing cruise

Sailing in the Seychelles? Our Seychelles charters, selected from the best, offer a quality service for those who want to spend an ideal holiday in this natural paradise on a sailboat or catamaran. About fifteen boats from the best shipyards are available (Dufour, Jeanneau, Bavaria), regularly serviced and ready for perfect navigation. The Seychelles sailboat rental can have the bareboat formula, if you want to command the boat in freedom with the appropriate license, or with a skipper provided with a small surcharge. The starting points are Mahé or Preslin, respectively the first and second islands of the archipelago by extension. Mahé is also the island of the small capital Victoria, with the international airport from which direct flights to and from Paris and London pass. The Seychelles are an archipelago made up of many islands (more than a hundred), although only three are the main ones, the two mentioned plus La Digue. Around them, an infinite series of uninhabited islets, with intact nature, where to anchor, stop on the white beaches fringed by palm trees, swim, snorkel, eat fresh fish. The major islands plus the most central ones are of granite origin: this means that there are streams and endemic vegetation. Even in Preslin, despite its small size, there is a national park with surprisingly lush vegetation. In the archipelago there are more than 70 species of endemic plants, among which the most famous is the sea coconut, present in the world only these two islands. This plant produces the largest seed in the entire plant kingdom: the fruit, the coconut, takes 7 years to ripen and can weigh up to 30 kg! But it is the particular mysterious conformation that has decreed its success since the past centuries, as it resembles a pair of buttocks or the hips and female belly: you can imagine how many legends and beliefs have developed from it. Seychelles boat rental for an experience that fills lovers of the sea and nature with joy. You can go all year round as the temperature is mild and constant for 12 months (between 26 and 28 the daily median) and the position of the archipelago is outside the cyclone belt, so there is no risk as in the Caribbean of being in the middle of a hurricane. It rains fairly throughout the year, although typically from November to February there is more rainfall; the months of spring and summer are the least humid. The must-see places of the Sychelles by boat: the departure is from Mahé, the main island but only 27 km long. It can be circumnavigated in search of the most beautiful beaches (such as Anse Soleil, Anse Deux Pinx, Port Launay). You can also sail among the six islets of the St. Anne marine park, including Cerf Island, a paradise for snorkeling in turquoise waters and marine animals. Preslin is 43 nautical miles away, after an exciting navigation: you will find yourself in a naturalistic paradise (the island is a UNESCO heritage site), rich in fauna and flora: the vanilla orchid, mangroves, mangoes, cedars and then crabs and chameleons. A few miles away is La Digue, the most intact man-made island, characterized by white beaches bordered by large smooth granite boulders: the most famous is Anse Source d'Argent, taken as a symbol of the entire Seychelles. The colors are indescribable, from the shades of blue and azure of the sea that merges with the sky and that becomes silvery at sunset. Finally, the island of La Curiouse, where a colony of one hundred and more giant turtles lives, with which to swim in a marine paradise! Sailing Seychelles, for an unforgettable holiday, choose your boat now or contact ItalyCharter operators for more information!