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  Boat rental in Amalfi Coast | Boat itineraries

In one of the most beautiful scenarios in the world, you can rent a boat in Naples for a dream vacation: the Gulf of Naples, the profile of Vesuvius, the islands of Procida, Ischia, Capri and the famous Amalfi Coast. The coast extends along the south side of the peninsula which frames the Gulf. The high coast, of rock and low vegetation, is interspersed with small coves and tiny beaches. They are used as a theatrical background with picturesque villages of colorful houses and terraces, perched on the slope: the most famous are Positano and Amalfi. For the conformation of the territory and the difficulty of moving by land, combined with overcrowding for six months a year, the visit from the boat is the ideal option. On the inner side of the Gulf, the one overlooking Naples, the magnificent Sorrento, which can also be reached by boat. You can enjoy the beauty of the gulf while tasting the local seafood specialties (spaghetti with clams, octopus) and perhaps end with a Limoncello, which has its cradle here. But let's go back to our itinerary by boat: with a boat rental in Naples (Naples Acton, S.Lucia or Marina di Stabia), the first place after rounding the tip of the promontory is Ieranto, an enchanting inlet part of a protected park. Later we find Marina del Cantone, a large beach sheltered from the winds, in front of which you can moor your boat to the buoys that the restaurants offer for free if you go for dinner (and it's worth it!). The coast continues high and rocky, the sea is of an enchanting color and off it stretch Li Galli, three tiny islets with a mythical past (it was believed that the sirens lived there). You cannot moor, but only the view from the outside is enchanting. We arrive after about 3 NM in Positano, one of the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean. The view from the boat is superb: the houses perched vertically give it an appearance of a crib. You can moor at the large buoy field (which offers free taxi-boat service to land) or anchor in front of the nearby beaches of Laurito or Vetica. The visit on foot impresses with the slope of the streets, always winding along the wall and often terraced. There are many luxury boutiques, excellent craft shops, glamorous bars and restaurants on scenic terraces and a small beach. You can visit the Saracen Tower and go up to the Path of the Gods from which the panorama is impressive. Resuming the boat or catamaran, with an east route, we reach the extraordinary fjord of Furore. A tiny inlet that goes very far, surrounded by very high rock walls. Here Roberto Rossellini was enchanted by the landscape, shot the film L'Amore in 1948 and lived a period in a small house together with Anna Magnani. To visit the mini fishing village with dry boats you need to anchor offshore and arrive with the tender. After Capo Conca, we can anchor in Capo dei Marini and visit the Emerald Grotto. Finally we arrive in Amalfi, the most important center of the Amalfi Coast: you can moor at the marina or anchor just outside it. Amalfi, a UNESCO heritage site, is the historical testimony of the oldest (and smallest) Maritime Republic, which had its apogee in the 11th century. Among the intricate alleys, the Naval Museum in the Vecchi Arsenale is worth a visit and at the top of the monumental staircase, the beautiful Arab-Sicilian Cathedral with an adjoining Gothic cloister. Our itineraries by motor or sailing boat now includes Atrani and Maiori, suggestive centers overlooking the sea, the second has the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast. Finally we meet Cetara, with tourist port where to repair in case of need and Vietri, a charming seaside village famous for its ceramics.

  Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter | Type of charter boats

For the holiday on the Amalfi Coast and other destinations in Campania you can opt for a motor boat, sailing boat, catamaran or dinghy. The formula can be bareboat, cabin-charter or luxury boat, with the crew composed of skipper and hostess at your complete disposal. You can choose from dozens of offers from the best charters that sail from Naples, Ischia, Castellamare or Salerno. On the site you will find multiple possibilities, by size, yard, number of cabins, all sharing the quality of the boat and the professionalism of the operator

  Charter boat on the Amalfi Coast | Week end, short periods, weeks

The ideal period for a boat holiday is a week, to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia, Capri, Procida and the Amalfi Coast in peace. There are possibilities for day-charter, usually a day dedicated to your choice in Capri or the Amalfi Coast. Alternatively, a weekend or a bridge, such as the May 1st bridge or the June 2nd bridge. You can also extend the weekly formula to ten days or even two weeks. This last option will allow you to sail not only on the Campania coast and on the Amalfi Coast, but also in the beautiful Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene.

  Private yacht charter Capri Amalfi

Do you want to combine land and sea holidays? No worries, we offer the boat (motor or sailing) directly to the closest landing to the hotel where you are staying, available for all the days of your stay, naturally with professional skipper to take you wherever you want. Boats and catamarans of all sizes and perfectly maintained by the best operators in the area.

  Boat rental in Naples without a license

If you do not have a boat license, you can always rent a boat that does not require a license according to the law. Our operators in the Gulf of Naples will be able to advise you on the model: they are vessels less than 10 meters, therefore small motor boats or inflatable boats that do not require experience but which allow you to fully experience the thrill of the sea.

  Boat rental Amalfi Coast Prices

The charter rental price may vary according to the length of the trip, the size of the boat, the services offered on board. The boats can be inflatables, motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, large luxury yachts. The bareboat formula saves compared to the full boat option with the whole crew. There are discounts for early booking and also for last minute reservations. On the site you can select the best offers for the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, or if you send an email we could provide you with personalized assistance.

  Honeymoon by boat on the Amalfi Coast

Have you ever thought of a honeymoon on a boat, different and exciting, along the Amalfi Coast? Our operators organize wonderful boat holidays, just for you, the newly wed couple for a trip that will be unforgettable: the Gulf of Naples, Capri, the Amalfi Coast with Positano and Amalfi. You will have the whole boat, motor or sailing, or a catamaran, commanded by an expert skipper and hostess, to make your honeymoon perfect. Breakfasts, lunches, romantic aperitifs at sunset in a breathtaking natural landscape, swimming in the bay in a pristine sea with the possibility also of alternative activities including kayaking, SUP and snorkeling. Contact ItalyCharter to find out more details, we will be happy to build the most beautiful itinerary with you.