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  Ponza boat hire | The tour of Ponza and Palmarola by boat

Rent a boat in Ponza: there are many offers of sailing boats, motor boats, superyachts and catamarans. Starting from Nettuno, after a few hours of navigation, we reach the port of Ponza, which welcomes us like a horseshoe set in the rocks, surrounded by white and pastel houses. The port, equipped and modern, was built in the Bourbon period at the end of the XVIII century. Ponza is a natural paradise, very quiet all year round except August. If you do not find a place at the port or prefer an alternative, you can always anchor in front of the bay of Frontone, not far away: a taxi-boat service will take you to the center. The boat holiday in these places will prove to be wonderful; in our tour of the ideal island we coast to the north where we will find a sequence of quiet coves with frequent shelters from the dominant winds, with suggestive names: Cala Core, Cala Inferno, Cala Arco. Cala Core is exceptional for diving lovers with the presence of the famous emerald cave. Cala Arco instead takes its name from the powerful arch-shaped faraglione which can be crossed with the tender. After rounding the north-east cape, we sail along the west side. We will find Cala Acqua, where there is still the wreck of a Spanish freighter to visit while diving, and Cala Feola, a scenic inlet with a small beach. To the south we meet the Baia di Lucia Rosa, with a thousand colors that are thrown into the turquoise sea and Chiaia Luna, one of the most famous on the island. The sandy bottom slowly decreases making it easy to anchor in this fantastic place bordered by a cliff that at sunset takes on unexpected colors. We are almost at the end of the circumnavigation and having rounded the head to the south we return to the inhabited center; the last pearl remains, the Faraglioni of the Madonna with the Caves of Pilate. These are a series of tunnels dug into the rock joined by a large central swimming pool, which can be visited by tender, kayak or SUP. The name derives from the legend that the Roman politician exiled on this island wants, from which he took the name of Pontius. The sailing or catamaran holiday allows you to visit Palmarola, just 6NM west from Ponza. The island is inhabited only in summer, and stands out, tiny but powerful with its 250m peak. The only landing place on the island is on the western side, the two twin bays Cala del Porto and Cala San Silverio. Once you get off the ground you can go to the only restaurant open in the summer and go up to the top of the chapel overlooking the cliffs. The jewel of the island is the so-called Cathedral, in the northern tip. A very high rock wall that falls vertically: you can anchor the yacht safely under it to admire the vertigo of nature. Last stop of our circumnavigation: Cala Brigantina, the most beautiful bay in the Mediterranean ... visit it to believe it!

  Ponza day charter

Ponza is enchanting, but many of the natural beauties can only be reached by sea. Don't have time for a weekly vacation? No problem, our operators offer agile day charter options on the island, or weekend rental, Easter, April 25th bridge, May 1st bridge, June 2nd bridge, June 28th bridge. There are a variety of boats to choose from, according to your needs and prices: private sailing and motor boats and boats to rent without a boat license such as inflatable boats, small boats and boats. On a day of sailing you can reach the most beautiful destinations of Ponza such as Chiaia di Luna or Cala Arco and Palmarol as Cala Brigantina. Prices, discounts, last minute offers ... all published online on the ItalyCharter website.