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  Sailing cruise in Mauritius

Mauritius is an archipelago state located in the Indian Ocean, about 550 km east of Madagascar. An area characterized by a mild climate all year round but, during the wet season from December to mid-April, tropical cyclones can break out (rare, but to be taken into consideration). The best time to go is therefore from the beginning of May until November inclusive. As mentioned, Mauritius is an archipelago, composed of the main island of the same name, plus Agalega, Cargados Carajo and Rodrigues; however the three smaller islands are at an unreachable distance on a sailing holiday. Mauritius is a fascinating island, with magnificent beaches, emerald sea and lush vegetation on the coasts and in the mountainous interior. A naturalistic paradise that emerges in the middle of the ocean, and yet a fairly rich and modern independent state with about 1.3 million inhabitants. A history that of Mauritius, which has seen every century change colonizer: it was the Dutch merchants who baptized it in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau at the end of the 16th century and then passed under the French in the 18th century and finally be conquered by the British crown in 1810 . It obtained its independence in 1968 and today is a melting pot of ethnic groups, languages ​​and religions: multiculturalism has been preserved and fostered by a stable democracy which over time has had free elections, recognized human rights and attracted many investments from abroad. Alongside tourism, which is obviously the main resource, Mauritius is a strong export of sugar cane, whose plantations cover 60% of the territory. The Mauritius sailing cruise departs from Port Louise, the capital which is 48 km from the international airport. Highly professional local operators have sailing boats and catamarans for hire, both bareboat and with skipper. The island is vaguely triangular, about 57 km long by 48 wide, forming 330 km of coastline. The capital, of about 150 thousand inhabitants, is located in the north-west. What are the unmissable places of this island with a thousand faces, suitable both for those seeking relaxation and untouched nature, both for those who want to sail and snorkel, and for those who want to appreciate a local culture full of ideas and flavors? First of all, the countless beaches, very white and bathed by a turquoise or emerald sea. Very beautiful in the east, for example Belle Mare, and Long Beach, but you can explore the coast and anchor in bays or small lagoons surrounded by islets or the mountain peaks of Mauritius. To the south-west there is more wind and places such as Baie di Cap and Le Morne are recommended for windsurfing and kite surfing lovers Then the marine activities, especially snorkeling and diving for those who want, with an enviable fish and coral reef heritage: it is not difficult to meet turtles, manta rays, moray eels and sometimes parrot fish and hammerhead fish in the water. You will live a fantastic experience sailing along the coasts of rich vegetation: the island has volcanic origin and you can alternate the boat cruise with healthy trekking on the slopes of the volcano or at the Black River Gorges National Park where you will find streams, waterfalls, ponds and dense forest downpipe. Finally, you can visit the French island of Reunion (Réunion), connected by ferry, plane or if you are experienced sailors, with the same sailboat for a stretch of just over 90 nautical miles. The Mauritius sailing cruise will have some surprises every day, you just have to decide the model of the boat and when to go.