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  Rent a boat in Sicily | The best yacht charters itineraries

The Aeolian islands, considered seven sister islands of volcanic origin, are the most appreciated by sailors for renting boats in Sicily. Lipari, the largest and most inhabited one that offers spoiled for choice for beaches and sea. Panarea, the smallest and perhaps most famous, loved and also frequented by VIPs. Vulcano, where you can go trekking and reach the top of the Vulcano crater. Stromboli, fascinating for its permanent volcanic activity and its wildness. Salina, where the pink house and the beach appeared in the film 'Il Postino'. Alicudi and Filicudi, small fascinating and magical islands that bring navigators back in time.


The Egadi islands, located in crystal clear waters, rich in marine fauna and flora. Favignana, the largest of the Egadi, offers its visitors both beaches and caves. Levanzo, the smallest of the Egadi, not only has a fairytale sea, but is a favorite destination for archeology lovers: here is the Grotta del Genovese dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic period. Marettimo, the most distant from the coast and perhaps because of that which remained wild and unspoiled.


Lampedusa, a destination suitable for those who love diving for its rich marine life and famous for the Rabbit Beach. The recommended base for this beautiful island is Malta, which is 90 NM away. This stretch of open sea is recommended for experienced navigators.


Pantelleria, an island of volcanic origin, located just 44 NM from the Tunisian coast, is the closest to the African continent. Often exposed to winds, it is a recommended destination for experienced sailors. In Pantelleria it is possible to opt for a day charter, with a motor boat rental or an inflatable boat rental.


Ustica, which represents a small part of land that is part of an underwater volcano and the first Italian Marine Reserve. Ustica has a very rugged rocky coast, but fortunately there are numerous mooring buoys.

  Sicily bareboat boat rental, Sicily boat rental with skipper, luxury yacht charter in Sicily, boat rental without license, Day Charter

Sicily offers many options for charter. To be free to navigate, explore islands, bays and villages in complete freedom, with sailing boats, motor boats or catamarans, the best solution is the bareboat Sicily boat rental. For this option of boat rental without skipper in complete autonomy you must have a license.


If you prefer to rely on expert navigators, without having to worry about the command, the suitable solution is to rent Sicily boats with professional skippers. In this case, it will be an expert to hold the helm, leading you to the discovery of Sicily and defining with you the best program.


If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday that guarantees you every kind of comfort, the best choice is luxury yachts charter. On the boat or catamaran there will be a skipper and an entire crew, complete with hostess: meals, aperitifs, cocktails and all the services you will need.


If you do not have a boat license, you can opt for the Sicily boat rental without a license, according to current Italian legislation and after checking your navigation curriculum.


Do you only have one day? With a Aeolian Day Charter or a Egadi Day Charter you can visit one of the islands of the archipelago. Departures from Lipari, Salina, Panarea or Capo d'Orlando for the Aeolian Islands, Trapani, Marsala, Favignana for the Egadi. For further information, do not hesitate to contact ItalyCharter!

  Sicily boat rentals | The main marinas

The main charter bases in Sicily to visit the Aeolian islands, or the 7 volcanic islands of Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Vulcano, are Palermo, Cefalu, Capo D’Orlando, Sant’Agata, Portorosa and Milazzo. If you start from Palermo you can reach the Aeolian islands passing from Ustica (36 NM) or from Cefalù. An excellent alternative is to sail from the Calabrian coast, such as Vibo Valentia and Tropea, reachable from the airport of Lamezia Terme, in Calabria, and then head towards Sicily, in the direction of the wonderful island of Stromboli, which is 32 NM away.


To reach the Egadi islands it is possible to use the charter bases of Trapani and Marsala, two magnificent cities full of stories and reachable from the airports of Palermo and Trapani. Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are located at the western end of Sicily, just 8 NM from Trapani, and are highly appreciated by sailing lovers.

  Aeolian Charters | Ports, buoys and beaches

During a charter in the Aeolian islands, considered one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Sicily, the choice of ports falls on: Levante in Vulcano, Pignataro and Marina Lunga which are located in the wonderful bay of Lipari, Port of Santa Marina in Salina . You will find buoys in Panarea, Salina, Vulcano, Filicudi and Pecorini, also on the island of Filicudi.

  Egadi Charters | Ports, buoys and beaches

For a charter in the western part of Sicily, where the Egadi islands are located, there are small marinas in Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. In summer, the buoy fields of Favignana, (Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Bue Marino, Scindo Passo, Preveto and Faraglione) can also be used Levanzo (Cala Tramontana, Capo Grosso, Punta Altarella, Calla Minnoia and Cala Fredda) and Marettimo ( Scalo Maestro, Cala Manione, Conca).

  Aeolian boat rentals | The best places to visit by boat

The Aeolian Islands are a must for anyone who decides to spend their sailing holidays in Sicily. They are a place of enchanting beauty, with charming bays and small villages. Here are the places not to be missed, when you are sailing by boat to the Aeolian islands. In Vulcano, the pools of Venus, among the most beautiful in Italy. A natural pool of turquoise water, between basalt and tuff rocks, located near the famous rocks that seem to have the shape of a horse that drinks in the pool and called the Grotta del Cavallo. Vulcano is a small paradise surrounded by nature, also suitable for trekking lovers, due to the possibility of climbing the top of the volcano. In Panarea it is an obligatory stop in Cala Junco, for a fairytale dip, and in the village, a favorite place even by famous people. In Lipari it is nice to get lost in the narrow streets of the small town, which looks like a postcard, so colorful and unchanged over time. In Salina you cannot miss the Pollara beach, located in a volcanic inlet and where the film 'Il Postino' was shot, in 1994. In Stromboli, known for the spectacular eruptions of the volcano, the recommended slope is the steep slope, known as La Sciara del Fuoco, and formed by lava, slag and lapilli that descend to the sea from the volcano's crater. In Filicudi, rounded pebbles massage the feet during a pleasant walk in the small town and you cannot miss the Bue Marino cave, a fascinating place whose sea is made bright by the single-celled organisms that contain luciferin.

  Egadi boat rentals | The best places to visit by boat

The Egadi islands are a lesser-known stop for those who decide to spend their sailing holidays in Sicily, but they are an archipelago of rare beauty. Here are the places not to be missed, when you are sailing by boat to the Egadi islands. In Favignana you must stop at the fine golden sandy beach of Cala Azzurra and Cala Rossa, nestled between rocks and wonderful sea. All lovers of archeology stop in Levanzo to visit the caves with prehistoric inscriptions Grotta del Genovese, dating back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic period. In Marettimo there is a unique atmosphere, it is nice to visit the numerous sea caves and the archaeological site of Case Romane.