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The slaughter of tuna was a millenary activity that combined the need for sustenance with a bloody ritual that was justified in the primitive fight of man against the animal. This has been documented since prehistoric times (in the paintings of the Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo), and the Favignana trap remained active until very recently. Although tuna fishing takes place in a limited period of time, from the beginning of spring to June, the complex organizational machine of the trap requires laborious preparations that begin several months earlier. The vast system of nets (350,000 m2) of the tonnara is lowered into the sea between Favignana and Levanzo at a depth of about 40 meters. At the beginning of May, the tuna come from Gibraltar via the Ligurian Sea to reproduce in the warm Sicilian waters. Having entered the trap, the unfortunate fish are forced to follow the labyrinth to the slaughter room, a single net closed on the bottom by a tile, which forces them to return to the surface Here the fishermen with their boats gather in a circle around the slaughterhouse, the death chamber, starting the bloodiest phase. At the signal of the rais, the chief who is an almost literary or mythological figure, some tuna fishermen begin to lift the tile, while others with only the strength of their arms, hit the unfortunate tuna with sticks and harpoons. The unequal struggle develops tumultuously between the shaking and the large amount of blood spilled. The barbaric activity continued until recently: the last slaughter dates back to 2005. Today there are less bloody ways to fish for tuna, but the history of the trap is testified by the museum that we find in Favignana, in the former Florio factories. After the closure of the activity (born in the nineteenth century), the factory, a splendid example of industrial archeology, was transformed into an interesting multidisciplinary museum. There is an archaeological section and the part of the real trap: boats, tuna processing machinery, and multimedia supports to relive the slaughter. A curiosity: the tuna fishing activity was reopened in the Egadi Islands in 2019 and ceased a few months later because the government assigned quotas for only 14 tons, against a quantity of at least 80/100 required by local fishermen to be minimally profitable and guaranteeing a working future.


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