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  Aeolian Boat Rental | Types of Boats

Boat rental in the Aeolian Islands: the beautiful archipelago can be experienced with a boat holiday rented from our charter operators in Sicily. The length of the holiday and the type of boat varies according to the needs, the participants, the experience, the budget. To visit the archipelago with a boat (whether motorized, sailing or catamaran), typically one or two weeks is required. In this way you can start from a marina and navigate the area in different stages, stopping in all the islands. There are a number of beautiful bays in which to anchor, however it is advisable to moor at the piers or at the buoy parks during the night. The starting points on the coast are Milazzo, Capo d'Orlando, Portoroz, S.Agata and Cefalù.
The main center of the archipelago where to rent a boat or a catamaran is Lipari. The name distinguishes both the largest island and the most important urban center, which has two ports: Marina Corta and Marina Lunga. Lipari is a very lively town with bars, restaurants, craft shops, art galleries and the Aeolian museum. The sixteenth-century castle, built by the Spaniards, overlooks the whole. Local gastronomy is a feast of the table: grilled fish, shellfish and crustaceans, often stewed with tomatoes and delicious local capers. On the island there are four other villages, and the coasts are dotted with spars and small beaches: Spiaggia Bianca and Vinci the most beautiful to be reached by boat. Being Lipari practically in the center of the archipelago, it is an excellent base for sailing to the other islands, which are arranged like a Y. You can also opt for a day-charter, with skipper who takes you there or in a bareboat. With this formula you can reach another island in a day and then return to Lipari. The southernmost island is Vulcano: one of the two with a still active volcano (the other is the famous Stromboli). You can go up to the mouth and enter it with an easy walk. The other island next to Lipari is Salina. Equipped with a port equipped with a massive pier that is very sheltered even in the event of strong winds. It is the only island that has its own sources of water that allow the development of lush colors of nature and the presence of vines from which Malvasia is produced. Sailing with the boat or the catamaran heading west you reach Filicudi, the less touristy island. In the village you can breathe the authentic island atmosphere that has not been scratched by modernity; the coasts are rocky overhanging creating suggestive scenarios.
Finally, last but not least: the tiny island of Panarea, where the villas of the VIPs are immersed in the natural landscape and on the exclusive terraces you can have a drink overlooking the bay. And then Stromboli: the island is practically a volcano surrounded by water. Only the view from the sea is of sublime romantic beauty. And if you want to opt for the ascent, the spectacle of the eruption will be worth the effort. It is in constant activity and from the mouth lapilli and fumes erupt during explosions that make the earth tremble under the feet. Whether it's a sailboat or catamaran, a holiday in the Aeolian Islands is always an unforgettable experience. A day or two weeks, condensed by sea, wind, sun, sails in the wind. Don't forget a day trip, or a weekend on a boat or a raft: if you are in the hotel and want to take advantage of a boat trip only for a limited period. Or you are on holiday in Sicily for the holidays or for August 15th and you want a short boat tour. Contact ItalyCharter to know all the possibilities!

  Aeolian Boat Rental Prices

Boat rental prices in the Aeolian Islands: on our site you will find all the offers, sailing boats, motor boats and catamarans, divided by marina of departure. Our charter operators in Lipari and in other locations are selected and have experience and professionalism. The boats are new and in perfect maintenance. Prices vary according to the size of the boat, the number of cabins and the holiday formula. In fact, you can opt for a bareboat (in the case of a boat you may not need a boat license), a boat or catamaran with a professional skipper, or a luxury yacht: the whole crew at your service for a dream holiday in the Aeolian Islands. We have many years of experience in managing special boat needs: honeymoons, customers with pets, families with children, team building with company regattas and special holidays that combine sailing to the Aeolian Islands with alternative experiences (sailing and yoga, sailing and diving, sailing and trekking)

  Is it possible to rent a boat in the Aeolian Islands without a license?

Do you want to have a wonderful sailing holiday in the Aeolian Islands and don't have a boat license? Among the various types of rental Italycharter also offers the Aeolian boat rental without a license: small sailing boats, usually 2 cabins, with engines less than 40HP. It is necessary, at the time of the request, to send your sailing curriculum, for the charter to verify if the booking can be accepted. Alternatively, a day charter to the Aeolian Islands is possible with inflatable boat rental or rental of small motor boats to sail to Lipari, Vulcano, Salina ... If you want to rent a larger boat or a catamaran, you can think of an Aeolian boat rental with skipper so you can sail with friends, family and children, in relaxation and safety in the wonderful islands of the archipelago. For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact ItalyCharter for all information on boat rental without a license in the Aeolian Islands!

  Honeymoon by boat in the Aeolian Islands

At anchor in a small silent bay surrounded by volcanic rocks, take a swim in the crystal clear sea. Then go back on board, the two of you alone, waiting for the sunset while the hostess brings you two huge drinks. Here, this is just one image, of the many, that would come true during a honeymoon on a boat in the Aeolian Islands. We have been organizing honeymoon trips by boat for years, with the entire boat (sailing, motor, catamaran) available to the couple and of their choice. You can choose exclusive luxury cabins in the bow, on the latest generation motor yachts. On board the skipper captain and the hostess, to lead you freely, sailing through the most beautiful places of the Aeolian Islands. The bay of Panarea, the majesty of Stromboli, the lush vegetation of Salina, the sulphurous baths of Vulcano, the suggestion of remote Filicudi. Restaurants by the sea, dinners on board, high level shopping, trekking on volcanoes, snorkeling and diving. Or simply relax, tan and fantastic swims. For a holiday dedicated to beauty and love: honeymoon on a boat in the Aeolian Islands, contact ItalyCharter for all the details!