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  Yacht charter Bahamas

For an unforgettable vacation, choose to charter a sailboat in the Bahamas. This coral archipelago located east of Florida and north of Cuba, has more than 700 islands with a population of just under 400,000 inhabitants, two thirds of which are in the capital Nassau. Today it is a modern country, rich, with quality services, which essentially lives with tourism. The Bahamas, like nearly all former British colonies, are independent and part of the Commonwealth, but recognize the sovereignty of the Queen of England. Sailing today in the Bahamas means savoring the joy of sailing in a splendid setting, facilitated by sea and wind conditions, but also experiencing exciting experiences, such as swimming next to sharks and giant turtles. It also means immersing yourself in an exceptional naturalistic setting with a fascinating history. It was here, in San Salvador that Columbus landed on October 12, 1492, effectively discovering the New World. The islands, as he wrote in his diary, were surrounded by shallow waters, so the Genoese baptized them in Spanish Islas Bajamar, a name that remained for a long time until the British took possession of it, and came and Anglicized it in the Bahamas. But the area is also the scene of violent raids by pirates, who had established their strongholds here. In the early eighteenth century they were left defenseless by the British crown and a merchant estimated that there were about 800 pirates, with their ships and crews, who had their lair here. In Nassau there is even a museum dedicated to them, with history, costumes and some virtual activities that will make children happy! Cruise to the Bahamas is based in the beautiful capital Nassau, where you will arrive at the international airport: unfortunately there are no direct flights from Italy, but you can fly comfortably from London (about 10 hours) or from the USA. The city, which is medium to large in size, offers excellent bars and restaurants and shops where you can buy local crafts. At the well-equipped marina, our selected charters will welcome you with warmth and professionalism: there are some wonderful new sailing boats to rent and many catamaran charters, ranging in size between 40 and 70 feet, for a sailing holiday in the Bahamas for everyone, families and friends who want to enjoy the beauty of these unique places. Once set sail, you can sail to the most beautiful islands of the archipelago, and there is plenty of choice. Province Island, from which you will leave, is one of the largest: not far from the capital are the superb beaches of Cable Beach and Paradise Beach. The latter is one of the most beautiful, but overlooking it there are luxurious hotel and casino complexes. If you love nature and silence, it is better to head to less man-made islands: the Exuma complex, in a smooth and crystalline sea that is a diving paradise. Pig Island, where in the famous Major Cay lives a colony of wild pigs that will meet on the beach and sometimes even in the sea! The Bahamas have unique things about the entire Caribbean region: the so-called Blue Holes, underwater caves that can be visited on special excursions (although in some you can anchor nearby by boat). The main ones are in Bimini, Eleuthera, Cat Island and Long Island. The cavities form tunnels and rooms hundreds of meters long to enter and even swim in a dreamlike scenario. Another unique place is the black coral garden of the island of Bimini, on which you can also experience the experience of swimming with sharks: pure adrenaline! If you choose Bahamas sailboat charter you will be able to live these and many other experiences; remember that the distances between the islands are limited and there are frequent anchorages. In addition, the larger islands (30 are inhabited) almost all have a tourist marina where to moor. Bahamas by boat will be an unforgettable experience!