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Usually known as a region with wonderful artistic cities and fantastic hilly landscapes, Tuscany also offers a crystal clear sea with islands suitable for boating. Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago and is so beautiful and full of bays, views and villages that we can spend one or more weeks on it. The tour of Elba is in fact one of the most recommended itineraries. 80 NM of coasts, mostly composed of beaches with good anchors, large sheltered bays for night mooring and small beaches, natural pools among the rocks where you can get lost far from other boats during the day. For those who want to go beyond the island of Elba, from the north coast of the island, they can continue towards Capraia, a small but fascinating island. From Cala Mortola in the north-east to Cala Rossa in the south there is a succession of small coves particularly suitable for snorkelling and diving lovers. From there the more experienced sailors can also venture to the north of Corsica. Another recommended itinerary allows you to visit the south of the Tuscan archipelago, from the island of Elba to the island of Giglio and that of Giannutri. Il Giglio is a unique place, both the town where it docks, with all the colorful houses around the port, and Giglio Castello, a tiny village perched on the mountain a few kilometers away. And like sea: Cala Cannelle and Cala Caldane, two pearls of the Tuscan sea. Giannutri is a small island that does not offer many anchors, therefore it is advisable to visit it only with favorable weather. It is possible to moor in Cala Spalmatoio and take a walk to visit the ruins of the Roman Villa with the guides.

  Tuscany boat rentals | Charter bases

For a Tuscany charter there are countless starting points. Those further north: Castiglioncello, Cecina and San Vincenzo: all suitable for visiting Capraia, Elba and why not, maybe even a trip to Corsica. Salivoli is appreciated for being the closest to Elba, Marina di Scarlino, located in the middle of the gulf, well protected by Elba, is the best port for a charter in Tuscany, well sheltered and suitable for any chosen itinerary. Punta Ala, Talamone and Cala Galera are starting points indicated for itineraries aimed at visiting the islands south of Tuscany. Portoferraio, on the Island of Elba, is another useful base for proceeding with a wonderful boat tour of the Tuscan archipelago.

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Tuscany offers several options for charter. The most popular is the Tuscany bareboat boat rental , which allows you to be free to navigate and explore the islands with sailboats, motorboats or catamarans. The bareboat Tuscany boat rental is a boat rental in complete autonomy, of course you must have a boat license. If you prefer to rely on expert navigators, who can guide you to discover the Tuscan islands, without having to worry about the command, the best solution is boats for rent with skippers . If you want a holiday with every type of comfort, the best choice is luxury yacht charter , which includes a skipper and an entire crew on board your boat. By choosing the Tuscan boat rental without a license it is possible to rent boats that have an engine of less than 40 HP among the requirements. Not all charters agree to this formula, it is mandatory to send the navigation curriculum for approval. It is also possible to make day trips with motor boats, sailing boats or with a Tuscan inflatable boat rental by opting for a day charter , a unique experience to discover the most beautiful bays at a very low cost .


Boat rental Argentario. The Argentario is a promontory surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea and connected to the coast by two strips of land within which Orbetello and its lagoon are located. Formerly an island, it then connected to the mainland thanks to the lifting of the Tombolo della Feniglia, to the south and subsequently from the Tombolo della Giannella, to the north. Today it is a beautiful and popular tourist destination, thanks to the mix of beaches, rocky coast and suggestive locations (Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and Orbetello itself), while the interior of the island is very inaccessible and rises up to 635m Monte Telegrafo. The three main centers (the two mentioned plus Cala Galera) can be the starting point for circumnavigating the promontory and then sailing to the other islands of the Tuscan Archipelago: both Giglio and Giannutri are within 10 miles, instead the Island of Elba it's nearly 40 miles northwest.
Argentario is an ideal place for boating because it has a variety of bays and marinas that offer shelter in all wind conditions. It can also be considered both for a medium-long holiday (from one to two weeks) that contemplates the other islands, or for a weekend boat rental or even a single day. With the day-charter formula you can rent a boat with a skipper or a dinghy where a boat license is not required; both options allow you to go around the promontory and visit beautiful beaches and coves on the same day.
Porto Santo Stefano is the main inhabited center of the Argentario, a town with a strong maritime tradition. It is dominated by the Spanish Fortress and has three marinas: Porto Vecchio, Porto del Valle and Santa Liberata, a few km in the direction of the Tombolo della Giannella. Its position facing north allows shelter when the winds are from the south; it is also close to the long sandy beach (6km) of Giannella. Other beaches (small but sheltered) are Pozzarello, Soda and Bagni di Domiziano, all three already in the territory of the promontory, that is, at the end of the tombolo. From Porto Santo Stefano by boat you can reach the delightful bay of Talamone (8 miles north), mooring at the marina or easily anchoring in the harbor. As many miles north route to visit Cala di Forno: an exclusive golden beach surrounded by completely wild nature. It can be reached by land only after 3 hours of walking, therefore the approach from the sea is the most suitable. Obviously you will have to anchor in the harbor and reach it by tender or swimming. The effort will pay off: exceptional seabed, uncontaminated vegetation and the deer will often come to celebrate you.
We can make the circumnavigation of the promontory by boat or catamaran: after passing Punta Lividonia we are exposed to the winds and we sail south following the rocky profile of the coast, dominated by the bulk of the hill. We meet Cala Grande, then Cala del Gesso: one of the most beautiful and isolated bays with a tiny pebble beach and, in front of the islet of Argentarola. Then Cala Piccola and finally the Cannelle beach, pebbled, excellent for snorkeling.
Doubled Punta Avoltore, the southernmost, the coast folds in a north-south direction and faces the mainland, constituting an area more sheltered from the winds. In this area we meet beautiful beaches (Acqua Dolce and Spiaggia Lunga), but above all the delightful resort of Porto Ercole, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Already existing in Etruscan times, a small port developed in the Middle Ages and it was here that Caravaggio died in still mysterious circumstances. Today it has a suggestive small promenade with bars and restaurants and preserves its historical core within the fifteenth-century walls built when the territory was of the Republic of Siena. Porte Ercole and the adjacent Cala Galera have two well-equipped modern marinas where you can rent a boat or catamaran, also a short distance from the long beach of Feniglia, more natural and wild than the equivalent in the north. On our site you will find dozens of proposals from the best charters in Tuscany !.