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  Thailand Yacht Charter

Sailing holiday in Thailand, to be able to visit this magnificent country from a different perspective. The boat cruise will be a way to combine sailing through unique landscapes, visiting cities, temples, art, local culture, and maybe diving into the vibrant nightlife! Thailand sailboat rental is offered by a series of operators chosen by us on the basis of quality, to offer you the best service and new boats from the best shipyards. Recent models (also different from 2020) of Bavaria, Beneteau, Hanse, Jeanneau sailing boats, offered in bare-boat formula, or with local skipper on board. If, on the other hand, you do not want to have problems whatsoever and prefer to enjoy your holiday in relaxation, you can have a professional skipper for a surcharge who will not only lead you safely, but will make you discover enchanting and little known corners of the area you are going to visit. Yes, because the Thailand cruise can start from three distinct places, to be chosen according to preferences and needs: the vibrant and touristy Phuket, the varied Koh Samui, the naturalistic Koh Chiang. Phuket is the famous island on the east coast of the Malacca Peninsula on the Andaman Sea. It is 840km away from Bangkok, so if you want to avoid a long train or bus transfer, you can opt for a domestic flight (there are 50 daily flights on the route). The city of the same name is very impressive, with its historic district and multicolored houses, fish and spice markets. Patong Bay, in addition to being of unforgettable beauty, is home to a wild nightlife. From here, it is easy to get away on a sailing boat to experience the magnificent surrounding places in peace. The island has 34 beaches, and it is easy to find the one that best meets your needs by boat: there are those equipped for sports and children, small and relaxing, pure and unspoiled. Do not miss the park of Sirinat to the north with the sea turtles; the Similan islands, a protected marine park and Unesco heritage, considered by National Geographic one of the ten most beautiful places in the world for snorkeling, up to the two tiny Phi Phi islands. Here, the suggestive Maya Bay became famous because the scenes of The Beach were shot there, with Leonardo Di Caprio. The cruise departing from Phuket allows you to navigate an extensive area of ​​the sea, non-stop and discover infinite natural and authentic places, celebrated or hidden. And then temples, Buddhas, national parks, for an unforgettable experience. The second option is Koh Samui, the island part of an archipelago on the other side of the Malacca Peninsula in the Gulf of Siam. Here, too, a fair mix of tourist services and natural landscape, even if overall it is more spartan than Phuket. Many white beaches on an often very calm turquoise sea, which invites sailing around the multiple islands (Koh Phangan, Tean Island and the Ang Tong marine park) Finally, our Thailand sailing charter operators offer the possibility to rent boats in Koh Chiang. This island is the closest to Bangkok, only a two-hour transfer between road transport and the ferry, but the least touristy of the three. You will have the opportunity to literally explore semi-desert islands, up to the border with neighboring Cambodia, alternating with others with discreet services for boaters (including of course the largest island). Dream landscapes, tropical vegetation, diving among corals and multicolored fish, and then at anchor in the harbor for a dinner based on fresh fish curry. An example of the prices, a Bavaria 45 with 4 comfortable cabins costs from Koh Chang 6300 Euro for a week in December, to maybe spend Christmas and New Year in a wonderful and certainly warmer scenario than our country!