Cavoli  beach

Nightlife at Cavoli and the Grotta Azzurra

The beach at Cavoli offers an ideal anchorage for a day, or indeed an overnight stopover. What better place to unwind than the stunning beach of Cavoli; its quartz sand makes it truly remarkable. More energetic types can walk, hike, snorkel or dive. Cavoli beach is split in two by a small rock formation. It sits in a splendid cove surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. Cavoli is the most popular beach among teenagers, and is bound to be very crowded in high season; but in low season, you’ll probably find it’s the most beautiful beach on Elba. Its southerly exposure means that it’s one of the first beaches people come to swim at each year. On the right of the beach is the Grotta Azzurra cave; it’s easy to reach by sailing along the coast, and fun to visit on a dinghy or better still, a canoe, kayak or SUP board. The whole cliff between Cavoli and Fetovaia is lovely to visit. After dropping anchor, this section of coastline can be explored on a canoe, a SUP board or even a lilo. Moving slowly, close to nature, is the best way to appreciate this stretch of untouched paradise. A must-see destination for anyone with a passion for sailing holidays.