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  Boating holidays in Malaysia

Italycharter has selected the best charters in Malaysia for an unforgettable sailing cruise in a country far away from traditional routes, on the border between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The starting point of the Malaysia sailing cruise is the island of Langkawi, a naturalistic paradise that is located about 30 km from the coast of the mainland, in the extreme northwest of the Malay peninsula almost on the border of Thailand, you will experience a dream sailboat and you will not regret the most popular destinations in the Caribbean! The main island, which has an extension approximately equal to the double of the island of Elba, is at the center of an archipelago of the same name of 99 islands, small in size and practically uninhabited and wild. You can comfortably arrive at Langkawi International Airport from Kuala Lumpur, and from here with a short transfer you will arrive at the marina: there are two fantastic Jeanneau Sun Odissey 37 or 47 feet, ie 3 or 4 cabins. If you are an expert sailor and have a license you can rent the boat in bareboat formula, otherwise the skipper will be made available for a small surcharge. These places are fantastic because they combine the natural beauty of the sea and intact vegetation with the convenience of sailing in calm waters in an almost constant temperature all year round. The climate of Langkawi is similar to that of the rest of Malaysia, although there are differences in the frequency of rains compared to the east coast. Here the period of the most violent monsoon rains is from May to October, while the rest of the year are lighter, especially from December to February the climate is dry. Langkawi, the island of the eagle, which is also its official symbol, is very suitable to be visited by boat. First of all, it is the queen of beaches: there are many of them all around the perimeter, white and sandy. Pantai Cenang is beautiful but it is also purely touristy, while on the north coast there are extraordinary and less crowded ones: National Geographic has voted Datai Bay as one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world! There are several diving and snorkeling sites to explore the beautiful seabed. Langkawi is surrounded as mentioned by islets, so it is an ideal area for sailing, discovering intact corners where to anchor and relax, then dive and maybe stroll inland. The other predominant element is the presence of an extraordinary flora and fauna heritage: 230 species of birds and 500 of butterflies, macaques, giant squirrels, owl cats and the only flying primate in the world, the colugo. You can meet them in small rainforests if you want to venture out, or by visiting the spectacular Geopark of the main island (Unesco heritage since 2007). A succession of different landscapes with vegetation, forests, waterfalls and karst concretions. There is also a cable car that leads to the highest point and not far away, the longest cable-stayed and curved bridge in the world, which gives the chills just to see it! Malaysia sailing cruise is for all those who want to visit a pleasant, unspoiled place, different from the most popular destinations, but no less exciting. Sailboat in Langkawi for the family with children and teens, friends, sailors, or maybe for an unforgettable honeymoon!